Speech problem

I was diagnosed with progressive MS in 2011 although symptoms manifested about 5 years before! My biggest problem is my speech, it’s so bad and cannot be described as 'mild" in any sense. I cannot have conversations any more which is very distressing. Phone calls are impossible. Consultant agrees that this is unusual but is it? He said it could be caused by something else but left it at that. I’ve seen speech therapist to no avail. I would appreciate hearing from anyone whose speech is very bad. Thank you.

This may sound very negitivee but I feel everytthing gets tarred by the MS brush sorry but I have had so many symptoms come and go over 25 plus years I have not had serious speech problems

X Don

ps hi and sorry for yor problems come back anytime we can usually find an answer for you even if it is we dont know XX D

Thanks Don


I knew a young mum with speech problems from MS. She found it frustrating to focus and speak slowly. I’ve seen one or two other examples but it’s rare. As Don said, it could be something else. I’d press on this line of enquiry. My dad had severe problems after a stroke. As a child, I had a disruptive stammer; it took a huge effort and patience to control it. Have you tried putting your question on the everyday living forum? It’s hard isn’t it? By posting on here however, you will get supprt and advice.

Best wishes.

Hi Valmapp

The only thingni notice is sometimes, especially when really tired, some of my speech sounds as though I have been drinking when I haven’t, or so people tell me.

I do find conversations really exhausting though, which is annoying as I always used to enjoy a natter.

My Dad had several strokes and that always affected his speech, along with mobility problems.

Take care

Pam x

Hello Valmapp, I have a good friend who is affected by speech problems, she has had ms for many years , she has the relapsing kind of ms so has treatment for it. Her speech is Hoarce and as if she is out of breath. Michelle and Frazer xx

I too have a friend with PPMS who has speech problems.

Best wishes

Jan x

I wonder if it could be caused by a lesion in the area of the brain where speech is controlled?? May be worth asking the Neuro if you’re mri shows anything.


Sorry, reading what I wrote yesterday doesn’t indicate what was going on in my head. I was wondering if you’d seen a speech therapist, and also whether you have any swallowing difficulties, as often when there’s damage to the centre in the brain causing speech impediments, there’s a potential for swallowing difficulties.

I’m not trying to worry you, but referral to a speech therapist may benefit you. They are usually very good giving voice exercises, swallowing assessments etc. That’s why I mentioned potential lesions. I’m a bit cognitively impaired and sometimes assume others know where my thoughts are going.

Cath x

Fortunately it hasn’t really affected my speech but I do get stuck with my words mid sentence sometimes. I do know someone who had ms for at least 10 yrs and her speech has got really bad as her symptoms have got worse.