Hi , can anyone give some info please. My brother (42) has had ms for years, went up my moms the other day and he couldn’t talk . Is this a short term thing or is it a sign of it getting worse? It was quite upsetting as we are close. thanks

Hi Calvin, Speaking involves several parts of the body that need to work together. This includes the lungs, diaphragm, vocal cords, lips, tongue and nasal cavity. Damage caused by MS to the areas of the central nervous system that control them can affect speech. Also fatigue or weakness can affect any part of the process. It’s possible that the trip to your mother was tiring for your brother. Some people with MS may experience difficulty finding the right word (often known as ‘tip-of the tongue state’), and sometimes problems forming or completing sentences. MS can affect the various parts of the brain that control short-term memory, verbal fluency or attention. Again, fatigue or difficulty concentrating can make these difficulties. See what a good rest does for your brother. Best wishes, Anthony


fab answer from AD!

similar has happened to me. i couldnt find the words i wanted or say them. i couldnt swallow properly and lost 5 stone.

however 6 years later after fab speech therapy input i can swallow-she retaught me how to tho i still need to be careful to get all mechanisms in the right order! the words thing still happens-often getting similar meaning or opposite…

the intense bit at the start lasted 6 weeks-it was terrifying for all concerned!

but please be hopeful that it will change-maybe not back to what it was but i am sure it will improve.

all ms related things are so unique to the individual, thats what makes it even harder to live/deal/cope with.

be patient-he must be ‘lost’ just now-i know that i was.

take care, ellie

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The speech issue can cause problems with me at times. What’s more frustrating is when others start making fun & then throw in some snide comment about brain damaged & simple. It really gets my goat & makes it even worse.

All it takes is a bit of calm & consideration. Things are going to be fine, it’s just a slight malfunction.

I think it’s caused by frustration.

The drooling & slurred phase, is a sign for a good long nap. Drained.

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