My husbands speech has nearly gone will it come back?

My husband is bed bound his arms and legs have stopped working now he is struggling to speech and his swallowing is slightly affected will it come back or is there any new drug that can help ?


i saw your post yesterday and was hoping somebody would reply!

my speech and swallowing is affected. I am labelled r/r but to me that means nowt!

ask for a speech therapist referral-they explained thoroughly to me the mechanics of speech and swallowing and gave tips and exercises to maintain current abilities and I found their input invaluable.

take care both.



Hi there Lisa. My legs & arms are quite weak & speech has been slurred & spiradic. With stittering & forgetting words. Staying cool & drinking plenty of fruit juice has helped me. It seems to be a sign of blockages, so I flush the system. Stress can contribute massively to this problem. So the main rule is stay chilled & avoid lardy blockages. Omega 3, from oily fish is magic.

Hi Lisa

In agreement with chocorange/ellie’s post. Do get referral to a speech therapist.As stated their input is invaluable re speech and swallowing