Weird symptom

Hi all, How weird …for a while I’ve had like a weird feeling around my right knee (my right is usually my good side) …like I’ve banged it and its bruised!. However Friday night I woke up in pain with it. The only way I can think to describe it is like sunburn … Bad sunburn to the point when you move in your sleep it hurts? Anyone else had this feeling. It still there now but definitely comes and goes. Weirdly clothes on dont rubor annoy although the feeling is still there when I touch. When my legs are elevated its a lot worse! So weird! I know people or websites say new symptoms more than 24ours are classed as relapse however is not just that m.s is a disease which has these bizarre symptoms and that’s just how it is… As I really do not feel ill or likes Amin relapse. Bizarre! Xxxx

Sounds like an unusual sensory symptom to me. Hope it fades soon and doesn’t become a relapse / the start of one. Weird stuff definitely comes with this dx… xx

I don’t think it is as its been there for some time and I feel quite fatigued with relapses. I feel absolutely fine right now! Just a weird sensation! X

Thanks. Its very annoying esp at night. This disease us weird at times. I do think it’s just another symptom due to nerve damage. Only thing is its hurting where I do my rebif injections on my legs too. Xxx

If your right-hand side is normally your ‘good’ side, is it not possible that it’s now taking extra strain and that’s putting greater wear and tear on the joints ??


Dom that’s a good point. That may play a part on it . One of my main symptoms has always been sensory too. I’ve let the nurse know. It’s very bizarre xxx

I too have recently started a burning sensation on my right calf. It feels like someone is holding a match about. 3 inches away, does not feel warm to the tough, comes and goes. And yes, it’s my good side as well. Greg

Yes, I had this all down my right leg last summer, very odd. Bizzarely if you put something cold on it it burns even more (like suncream - ouch!). I did end up having my biggest relapse in years last autumn so it was like a warning that I wish I hadn’t ignored.

I’m hoping red bunny that its not a warning of a relapse. My symptoms have always been sensory. And actually only physical in relapse. Had sensations in my hands for nearly two years now ! Also I’ve been in rebif since may so I’d be very worried and disappointed if it turned out to be one :frowning: x