Weird new symptom

Hi everyone,

I signed up to the forum a couple of years ago when I first started experiencing numbness, tingling etc and my GP suggested it might be MS and referred me to neurology. Since then I had an MRI, visual potential tests and nerve conduction test which all failed to show anything and I was sent on my way.

Since then muscle pain and weakness has continued and I was put on pregabalin last year after amitriptyline really didn’t make things better.

And now, in the last couple of weeks i’ve noticed something new… most of the time dark colours (black, brown, grey etc) appear green in my peripheral vision. I actually thought a colleague was wearing a bottle green suit this morning!

Has anyone experienced something similar, or am I unique?! :slight_smile:


Peripheral vision is not good for colour discrimination (not enough colour-sensitive cells there), but if there is a change to the norm for you, you really need to see an ophthalmologist to get it checked out properly. (Your GP can refer you.)

It may be time to see a neuro again too :frowning:

Karen x

One of my first symptoms of optic neuritis was when I thought my red headed friend had gone for some rather strange khaki coloured low-lights in her hair! And buying my mum a green spotted throw, which turned out to actually be black and grey! Strangely though, I also bought my 16 year old son a pink toothbrush, assuming it was red, but ‘appeared’ washed out/pink to me! And told him the other day how nice he looked in his new grey hoodie, only to be met with a withering, ‘its blue mum, you should know you bought it ages ago’.

Colour’s not really my thing anymore

Thanks for the replies folks :slight_smile:

I have an appointment with my GP next week so will mention it then. I suppose this is what I get for teasing my colour blind O/H all these years :slight_smile:


Hi R, I spent 14 yrs having tests and seeing different neuros.

None of the tests proved MS. But quite a few conditions were ruled out.

Last Oct, I was diagnosed with Spastic Paraparesis…cause unknown…although it could turn out to be genetic.

My first symptom was a heavy left leg, followed by foot drop and falls. Then spasms and spasticity. i have no mobility now and use a wheelie and hoist.

The only eye problem was a slight twitch under my left eye.

Hope you get a diagnosis soon.

luv Pollx