Weird feeling in face and tight throat

Hi there, I’m new here and looking for some sort of reassurance I guess.
I have had various symptoms come and go since March this year starting withboins and needles in my ankles and feet. My most recent symptom is a weird feeling in my face and neck. This has come and gone overca few months, but has been back for the past two weeks. It’s like a tightness on the left side that triangles out from just below my left ear to below my eye and my throat. It kind of feels like it should be stiff, but isn’t and like there is something swollen making it tight, but again there isn’t. Since Monday my throat has been feeling tight on and off which usually lasts a few hours at a time. This is the most distressing symptom I’ve had so far. I feel generally well in myself, besides this.
Has anyone else had similar?
I’m currently waiting for MRI on brain and spine. Julia


I have the strange feeling in my face but with me if effects higher in the face. Mainly eye and nose
Mine is due to a ms lesion on the trigeminal nerve.

Hope you get answers very soon

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Thank you for your reply. How long did it take to get your diagnosis?


I first had the face systom in April 22.

Brain mri
Spine mri
Lumber punchure

Lots of blood tests

Confirmed ms in jan 23

Although consultant was pretty sure it was ms from first mri.

But needed to rule out everything else first

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Morning. Thank you for your replies. It is really helpful to chat with someone who os experiencing similar symptoms. Are your constant? I find that sometimes just touching my neck triggers the discomfort.
Is this something you’ve experienced witj yours?

Mine is there all the time. Strange sensation just dont feel the same has the other side. When they tested with a prick test a can feel had normal. Hot weather and stress seems to make the area bigger.

I get a numb cheek and nose sometimes and my head generally has a crawling feel to it like I have nits or ants on my face. I also get random pain that starts in my temple and moves to my jaw. I always panic it’s a tooth infection (I’ve had many) but it goes. Have you been prescribed anything to help with the symptoms?

I have started a Disease Modifying Therapy brabio because they have confirmed I have Ms

Thanks for your reply. Have you had a diagnosis?
I’m not on any medication, my symptoms are not painful, more uncomfortable I just want to find out what’s causing them.

No I’m probably 2/3rds the way there. I have lesions and oglioclonal bands. MS is spoken in hushed terms like it’s a dirty secret no one wants to let me in on :joy:

How long have your symptoms being going on for?

I hope your medication is helping you!

Thanks! I’ve been suffering since April 22 most of my symptoms went or subsided to a point where it was an inconvenience rather than painful. This latest flare up has been longer to settle and I’m in more pain and generally feeling unwell. I’m hoping an increase in strength of meds will kick in soon!

The medication well not make me better its to try to stop me getting any worse.

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This is an interesting thought! I take gabapentin which is a different beast to what you have to take but would the same apply in that it won’t really improve my symptoms but keep them at bay?

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I think gabapentin is to reduce the pain? I have never taken it myself though

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Gabapentin is prescribed for nerve pain. Its purpose isn’t to cure anything but is used to minimize symptoms.