Weight loss?

Can MS affect your weight? I’ve never been big but my legs have gone like rakes…not sure whether it could be due to stress!!

My legs are like that too but it’s muscle waste age that is causing it. All adds to our “attractiveness”!

I had unexplained weight loss a couple of years before I was diagnosed. Had a slightly odd walk too and am certain now both things were early signs of MS.

Yeh I’m still waiting on a dx, forever in limbo! Mainly have struggles walking, and have kept my symptoms low-key but now people are questioning my weight telling me eat, which I do eat healthy. I just can’t explan why my legs have lost weight quite quickly!

i lost a lot of weight aroung the time i was diagnosed. i went from size 14 to size 10. 11stone 5 lb to 9 stone 7 lbs. i’m 5 foot 9".

i was pleased at first because i had wanted to lose some weight but now i realise its muscle loss that causes it.

i got rid of all my clothes and bought new ones in tiny sizes but a massive relapse and a course of iv sterloids saw some weight come back. nowhere near my original weight but alas my new smaller clothes have had to go.

it has made me realise how wrong it is to be hung up over weight. i wasted a lot of healthy years because i wouldn’t wear a bikini

and my legs are like twiglets!

ah well, worse things happen at sea

carole x

Hi, are you less mobile than you used to be? if so then maybe that`s why…as our muscles do suffer if we cant get about so much, on our own pins.

Mine muscles are wasting, as i have been wheelchair bound for 9 years.

if it worrying you, see a GP eh?

luv Pollx