Weight gain

So I’ve had issues for the last 18 months or so, before that I could cycle 40 + miles off road for fun and want to go do it all again the next day. Now I’m lucky if I have the energy/ motivation to take my son to the park so my question is as my bum is growing what do you all do to combat weight gain with limited energy ? Xx

Hi Luelle,

I don't know is the simple answer, but if you find out please do tell as I've put on over a stone in weight and as I take steroids I to am finding it difficult to lose weight.

Janet x

Hi Luelle

Like you I was active and fit and now...well, not quite so. It's trial & error finding a form of exercise that suits you best. Have you tried the exercise dvd that you can buy via this site? I think it's a £1 or £2. Might be worth looking at - and you'd be able to do it from the privacy of your own living room as & when you want too.

There are others here who have found going to their local gym beneficial too. Some go with their local ms group, who often have various activities going on.  

Although I've not been for a year - no thanks angryto continual infections - I discovered that aquafit helps me. At first I found it a bit daunting and without doubt it was really hard to start with. But I told the instructor about my ms so she didn't think I was rather than trying to keep up with everyone else I just did what I could do. Having to give it up for that year has made a big difference so I can't wait to start it up again (in 2 weeks time happy2). Just being in that water helps my legs.

So try a few things out. See how you get on. The thing to keep in mind is what your own limitations are, don't try and keep up with everyone else - we all have different needs.   

Good luck

Debbie xx     

I know this seems really trite, but the very best thing you can do straightaway is eat less. Because we aren't moving about very much, we really don't need to eat very much! It's hard though letdown(I fail miserably at it!!!).


The other thing is to do what you can, when you can. On better days, try and go for a walk (just round the garden if you are worried about running out of steam away from the house) or use an exercise bike or similar. Wii is a really great thing for exercising in the house - quite a lot of people on here use it. Exercise DVDs too (check out the Sally Gunnell one on here, as Debbie said). I go to the gym with people from my local MSS branch (anyone in or near Hillingdon who's reading this - you're welcome to join us!). I also have an exercise bike at home. I started out being able to do 5 minutes at the lowest setting and only very slowly (with occasional pauses). On my better days I can now do 20 minutes at level 4 at a decent speed and without stopping :-)  On my worse days, I give it a miss!


I remember seeing some stand thing that means that you can use a real bike inside, like an exercise bike? Maybe you could get one of them?


I've seen posts from people who have lost weight through organisations like WeightWatchers - maybe you could join something like that?


The other thing that I think quite a few of us are guilty of (me included) is that when we're knackered, we just grab a bag of crisps or similar when we need something to eat - preparing food is so much effort :-(  If you do this, then maybe you can start buying ready prepared salads or fruit bowls etc? Easy to open and much healthier! Or preparing spare portions of homemade food on better days?


It all sounds so easy. The truth is that it is hard. It can really help to have a buddy or two doing it with you. (The only reason I make it to the gym some days is that there are people expecting me!)


Good luck! And, if you find something that works, please tell us!

Karen x

Although undiagnosed I have real fatigue issues and the weight is really hard to keep off. I belong to slimming world and have been going for two years. I lost 3 1/2 stone but since the fatigue hit big time last October I have put one stone plus back on crying1.

I used to cycle to work but lost my job due to my fatigue and now dont do nearly as much, it really does make a difference. I am continually trying with the weight loss and exercise by walking the dog but sometimes I have to give her only a short walk.

I think Karen is so right, we need to eat less, move more, which as we know is difficult when you are stuck at home with a kitchen full of food and no energy to be doing anything but it is the only way!

I do have a wii but sometimes the effort of just getting it turned on is enough to wear me out LOL!

Being undiagnosed I do often wonder if i am just plain lazy.blush


Unfortunately eating less and the right foods is the way.  Obviously exercise is important but playing Golf or going down the gym 10 times a week is not going to loose much weight. See but is a must for PWMS to keep as supple as possible.


As explained in this programme a sudden burst of energy; very vigorous for 20 seconds 3 times per day; 3 times per week is what is needed.  I don’t think anyone with MS could manage this requirement.


When you think of it take a Lioness; she sleeps some 20 hours per day but has that sudden burst of energy when catching its prey; they do not get fat.  They must also eat an awful lot of animal fat; yes I know animals don’t get MS.





Hey George,

I wish I was a Lioness!!!!


Ive put on over 4st I was always running about before, I find it very hard to control my appitite, I either cant eat for months and lose stones or I cant stuff my mouth enough,

Oh I could have wrote this myself.

Only got my DX a few weeks ago but my mobility has been poor since a relapse last June. I can not walk further than the end of my drive before my right leg goes all weak and gives up on me. I have been on 3 courses of steroids since Christmas and have gained 2 stone since my wedding in October.

This is getting me down, I don't want to leave the house as I am so embarassed about the way I look. I actually txt my boss before returning to work asking her to warn everyone about my moon face before I got there  blush

I am an awful one for comfort eating and will eat anything that is i the fridge. You are all right about reducing the amount we eat but its so hard. I have done this with my dinner but its the "feel sorry for myself" food inbetween that gets me.

I have thought about exercise of some sort but with a weak right leg and weak left arm I just don't kow what to do. I have an app with the Physical Disability team next week so hoping they can give me some advice about exercise.

Sorry I have Gatecrashed your post without giving any advice but hopefully the others have given you some good advice.

Lindsay x