We are all at different stages

Hi all, no-one understands as we are all at different stages, I am looking for friends that accept, understand and don’t disappear because they have a bad day… we all have them, let’s stick together, share and winge about life, why not.

If you are looking for a long term friendship, I am here. Message me, life is so short, you are not alone.



I do feel alone and with nothing left to enjoy

Why winge, embrace whatever life you have, life is a mystery, a rollercoaster, on the up one minute down the next, remember, no matter how you feel, there are lots more worse off

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I am near enough new hear as much as I was on the original site xxyears ago. I made friends with people throughout the world that I’m still in contact today. MS is the type of disease you have to accept friend will drop in and out of friendships because the condition. Just be aware of this so if it happens andnthey get back in contact you will find out why.

Hi Corrie, totally agree! Where are you from? Tell me more…hope you had a good weekend :grin:

Hi Wien, how come you came off the site? Always here to chat, hope you had a good weekend :grin:

Was gonna say, from here, but that would be flippant and, what a arsehole, thing to say, so as I’m not a arsehole despite everyone, including my ever loving wife, saying I am, I shall say here (sorry) in Winchburgh, a little village that is growing and growing, just outside Edinburgh in (we don’t get to say this very often) sunny Scotland-which is rather stupid saying in Scotland cos folk know where Edinburgh is, unless they stay in institutions, not that this is, I am 69, a young 69, not like when I was a boy and 69 was auld, really auld, I did frequent this site yonks ago but it seemed no craic/banter/jokes was allowed, we have a condition that we live with every bloody day, a change is required, I have the means to get out and about but some are less fortunate, so share experiences/days/time/laughs with them, to let them still feel part of a bigger community

Hi, need a friend aswell…