Waxing - one for the ladies

I have now got to the stage where I can no longer hold a razor to shave. Does anyone wax and does it have any effect on your ms? I am considering having an intimate area waxed. Any helpful comments would be appreciated.

It’s very painful at first but the more you have it done the weaker the hair becomes consequently less painful. I have to say underarms are the most painful but we’ll worth it. The lady who does mine always does a little at a time rather than whip it off in a full strip she says it’s the best way and less painful so make sure you go to a competent person. I never suffer pain afterwards and don’t see any reason MS would be effected. Go for it it’s worth the initial pain…honest. Jan

I have never waxed but I have heard that taking paracetamol or ibuprofen about an hour beforehand helps with the pain. I don’t know if it works, but it might be worth trying.

Don’t think it would impact ms Def take iboprufen an hour before you go. I found it ok I was petrified. Once it wS really sore found out I was pregnant the following week. I found soft wax where they use strips sorer tha. Hard wax where the wax peels off, Hormones can affect the pain. Just before period is very sore if I remember right. I went the week before I gave birth as I couldn’t see what I was doing what I was doing and OH wouldn’t hep out it was very sore. Just make sure you go to someone you like and are comfortable with Xl

Try IPL. It works on all areas. X

I prefer to veet things myself, and where I can’t reach my hubby does it for me!

Freckles x

The things we have to do eh?

I have my intimate area waxed

I always take paracetamol 1 hour before and this does help (I didn’t before and it was definitely worse!!)

As has been said, the more you have it done, the less it hurts. Also as has been said, I would get it done mid-cycle. I find that the least painful.

Good luck! xx

I used to be a beauty therapist so am an expert! lol!

I have been waxing for years and its never caused me any problems.

Women are definately more sensitive before a period so plan your appointment round this.

I wax my own bits! legs/underarm/bikini line. I now have ‘bald’ areas where i have no re-growth which is great.

Laser treatment is now also an option but can be expensive. You would need a few treatments.

Only trouble is now the hair on legs is getting less… but the odd hair has sprouted on my chin! Ha ha ha!!!

The joys of getting older!


I have cut myself every time I’ve tried with a razor, so armpits only now and electric shaver on rest for safety! I had IPL on bikini line and armpits ages ago but it didn’t really work as I’m pretty fair. I’ve also tried an epilator… it’s not too successful I get ingrown hairs regardless of scrubs etc. Not to mention the pain, like waxing in slow-motion! The one thing that I’ve noticed recently, is how good the “No No” was. I used it a couple of times a week, a year or so back and it seemed to be working but I got a bit lazy (most of the last 18 months has been swalled by MS diagnosis etc.) BUT having gotten a bit lazy, I’ve really noticed how gappy the hair growth is now, so actually, No No really did do it’s job. I need to get back to using it again! Sonia x

Treek I fall over just spraying my own deodorant :wink:

Hi, all interesting tales!

Do they still do sugaring? Teresa, you`ll know the answer. When it came out, it was supposed to be less painful.

My carer shaves my stuff for me. I can manage to do a bit of my undercarriagein bed, if my legs wil stop juddering and flopping long enough.

Innit a game tho` eh? I hear french women dont shave a thing…why do we?


ps the chin area is defo gettin hairier as I age!


I got my legs & underarms waxed once, it hurt!! A lot! There was no pain afterwards tho. But I am a wimp & hate pain. No idea on the affect it has on ms

…it is itchy when it starts to grow back :-\

One of the positives of being a true redhead, is I’m not very hairy. So keeping my body hair groomed is pretty easy for me

One of the not so joyful things of getting older though is soft downy facial hair, definiltely want to do something about that


I’ve been having my ‘bits’ waxed for years and a barely notice any pain now (apart from right underneath, just one pull), even since diagnosis. Waxing my eyebrows does set off my twitching face though :frowning: I tried having my armpits waxed recently, and I was dreading it as people had said it was the most painful place, but I found it the least painful place of all :slight_smile: Trouble was it only lasted 2 weeks so just wasn’t worth the money, especially as my hair is fair and unnoticeable anyway.

Does the letter have to be from your neuro? Won’t they accept a letter from your GP? I have semi-regular spa treatments (massage and pedicure) and they require a doctor’s letter to say I am fit enough for treatments, but a one-sentence letter from my GP is adequate - and much easier to get hold of!

The letter will be fine from either gp or neuro. It is just for insurance purposes. People are so quick to claim these days that if a therapist does treatment on someone and they have an adverse reaction , they have covered themselves.

I used to have to get gp permission to do pedicures on people with diabetes and make them sign a form to say they knew about the risks with their feet.

Poll - Sugaring is still around. It is simular in its results as waxing but some people do say its less painful.

I’m a tough old bird though so it doesn’t bother me!

Its a few years now since i had my Beauty Salon so i am a bit out of touch.

I mainly used waxing in the salon and electrolysis. Electrolysis has been replaced by IPL now and i think it is much better. Electrolysis was pretty painful and took quite a lot of treatments.

Manoon - I am lucky as my ms is pretty mild so don’t have the mobility problems that some people on here have. But…waxing your own bikini line ain’t easy and my hubby tells me it’s not a pretty sight either!

Oh well! The results look good though!

Polar Bear - Do you know the price of IPL? I must get my chin looked at!!



Reading this reminded me of my old nan, when I asked why she was using nail scissors on her chin… used to say that as you get older the hair goes from (whispers) down there…to up there (points at chin)!



You can invest in an IPL machine for home use. I use the ’ homedics’ one and it cost about £350 but worth it as It would have cost much more to go to a salon. It works very well on me ( light brown/brown hair) as it has a radio frequency as well to get rid of fair hair too. I used it twice a week for the first four weeks and now just every week to zap any strays that appear. The home machines are not as powerful as the salon ones but they do still work if you do it enough times : ) Good luck