Waves of chills when warm

Hi For coming up 3 months now I’ve been getting waves of chills on my left side even when warm, it only lasts seconds at a time but is constant . I’m due to see the MS specialist Monday for my results, should I tell him this? Is it a symptom others get? Also new to me is burning foot feet at night when I’m trying to sleep it’s actually making sleep even harder than I normally find, is there anything I can do about it? Thanks

Hi Twinklestar!

I’m afraid I don’t know much about anything as I’m undiagnosed as yet! Just wanted to offer support!

I asked my GP if he could give me anything for the fatigue, stiffness & burning & he said he would prefer me to wait for the neuro. He did offer Dulexitine for the nerve pain but I’ve got as yet uncontrolled glaucoma so couldn’t take it.

I would tell the MS Specialist about both and ask if he can suggest something to help you xxjenxxx

PS Good luck with your results on Monday x make sure you let us know how it goes xxx