Watch out Morecambe Bay!

On Saturday 14th September a group from Bury MS group are descending on Arnside to do the short version of ‘Across Morecambe Bay’. I say short but it is still 8 miles! The official full crossing is Hest Bank to Grange (14 miles) but this is Arnside to Kents Bank. I have done the crossings too many times to mention (my Dad was a crossing leader in the 60s, 70s and early 80s) and done it once recently before diagnosis. This time my 12 year old daughter, (1st time for her), my brother and his daughter are taking part with a group from Bury. Have tried to get my dad to join us but he feels at 71 he is too old. I pointed out that the official guide, Cedric Robinson has turned 80 and still leading them across!

How did it go? Hope no-one got stuck in the mud!