Wasting bum and leg muscles

My muscles in bum and legs have major atrophy due to lack of walking, Do other folks have this and can any muscle tone be brought back?

tt’s awful isn’t it?

i used to have a J-Lo bum but now more like granny clampett’s!

yes exercise can help but do remember to pace yourself.

have you got access to physiotherapy? they can help by advice and instructions. due to lock down they can no longer come out to us. so it has to be a phone consultation. i had one early this year and the instructions were sent by letter.

I bought a wii-fit and that helped but now my guitarist son has taken over with his amp!

I have lost a lot of weight and now look positively scrawny!

good luck

Carole x

Hi Anon ,

This is my major concern as well :(( , over the last few years I’ve also become more weaker/lost muscle mass etc . I can walk around although the stiffness in legs hinders me and slows me down . I need to do more exercises, unfortunately I’m struggling to find the motivation and I always push this back thinking "oh I’ll do it tomorrow, and then tomorrow comes and the cycle continues . I need to get my act together lol !! Xx

I do Aqua fit which helps massively with my legs, not sure about my bum I think it’s past redemption!!

Unfortunately I can’t see Aqua coming back anytime soon, the decline in my walking is noticeable. I’m no good at exercise on my own I need a class to motivate me. I sit here knowing all I need to do is click on YouTube for any number of Chair based exercise or Pilates or Yoga…then continue to sit here thinking about it.

If you can, if they start Aqua classes again, give it a go or if you can swim try that. One of the pools close to me is quite warm and humid but another is cool so that’s the only one I can use as I don’t deal with heat very well, if it’s the same for you ring them before you go to see what their temperatures are like.

Best wishes

Jan x

Hi Ive been a full time wheelchair user for 20 years and muscle wasting is what happens.Cant push with legs so carers move em about for me when Im on my bed.


A “J-Lo bum, now like Granny Clampetts” LOL, hilariuos.

Nothing wrong with your sense of humour Catwoman.