Just watched the film and it made me cry.

read the book years ago and it made me cry, saw the play about 10 years ago and that made me cry too.

Albie and Joey made it back home to Devon .

soppy cow loves a good weepie!

Really good film and yes it made me cry

Warhorse is the only play I have seen more than once. I loved it just as much the 2nd and 3rd time.


where did you see it Mick?

I saw it at the Lowry (manchester)

the horses themselves on stage were really clever. actors holding up a frame of a horse, within 10 minutes the acting was so good that I was actually seeing horses!

also did you cry?

greenhouse and myself did.


of course I cried Carole it was brilliant. As you say, it is so well done and crafted, it does seem as if live horses are involved. My wife works with horses and I have spent a lot of time in the company of horses so to see actors moving and behaving so much like live creatures is amazing. We were lucky enough to see it twice in London and once in Southampton.

The memory makes me smile rather than cry.

I did see the film but although I enjoyed it, it was by no means as good as the play . (in my oh so humble opinion)


I know Mick

I watched it because it was on telly and since i became a total couch potato I may as well.

also theatre is beyond my abilities nowadays.

but the memory stays with you.

I saw it too the other day. What a wonderful, but sad film.

Yes, I`m sure the live production is amazing.

Anyone seen Waterhorse? Now that IS a beautiful film.

Did you know the same actress plays the mother in both films and also Angela`s Ashes…Emily Watson. A very good actress.


Just watcher the trailer for waterhorse, thanks Poll I’ll watch that 1,

Jean x

The book Angela’s ashes was a tough read. Such grindingly hard lives in such recent history

Read the book on th way to Cyprus (posting for 3 years) reminded me of my grandmother (some of the things said and done) made me laugh out loud and cry in equal measure!..great book. The film was so relentlessly depressing that the cinema was almost empty after 15 minutes of rain!..was so hot outside even at 8.30pm would have thought it would be a relief, just to see and hear the rain!

Angela’s ashes is a good book and film, I kid you not when I say my upbringing wasn’t too dissimilar, I was born in Dublin, irish catholic family, hard times in the 50’s, going anon on tihs 1

I agree, Angelas Ashes is a hard read. Yet there are some funny moments with the terminology and viewpoint of the author..Frank McCourt. He went on to write Tis.....I believe a film was made of it, but not as well known as Angelas Ashes.


Hi Bouds, so I watched water horse and loved it, a really nice watch, took me away from all this crap, both MS and covid wise, thanks for the tip.

Jean x

Glad you enjoyed it Jean.