Walking sticks exempt from VAT


Off to the olympics in a couple of weeks. Have problems walking so taking a little cushion so I can

sit down when I need to. Went and ordered a walking stick online today.

Thought I better get myself a folding one - great company offered 5% of online orders and pointed out they

were VAT free if you had a medical condition such as MS. - link to a form to fill in and send back.

Even sold shorter ones for us little people. Online payment got an email its in the post tonight.

Very impressed!! Just a reminder that for certain medical things we get exemption from VAT

Jen x

Hi Jen, yes a good reminder thanks. I’ve bought a few things that got the VAT exemption… including recliner chair!!!

Wishing you a great time at Olympics! Well done for taking the plunge and going!

Pat x

Hi Jen, thanks for that, I need a new one, so which company did you order from, thanks Jean x

VAT free recliner chair, I’ll bear that in mind when I get my own place and need to furnish it.I’d love one of those


‘Walkingsticks online’ Email them for 5% off code and VAT exemption code.

Ordered yesterday at 12.30pm , arrived today at 10am.Excellent service.

Jen x

Thanks for that Jen, I’ll check it out, take care, Jean x