hi there

i havent had a good night’s sleep in months. i get too hot and my bladder is a pest but this morning i woke up in a lot of pain. when i got out of bed my knees felt ancient.

so i went out looking for a new mattress. i tried a tempur one and it was so comfortable. i ended up paying a lot of money for it.

my son asked if i could have got a reduction for disability.

i have no idea. does anybody here know?

carole xxxx

I haven’t heard of anyone getting a discount because of a disabillity but you may want to talk to customer service for tempur and see what they say. I hope everything works out for you though.

Hi Carole, i know that on certain things, disabled people can be exempt from paying VAT,if they can prove they are for a disabled person, like when i bought my scooter, i ticked a box on a form to say i was exempt,i dont know if you would be exempt when buyinga mattress, but you could ask,i do know a lot of companies dont know about it though,so its a job in itself explaning.

Hi Carole, some products do qualify for Vat exemption if you are disabled, to be vat exempt they have to come into the category for vat exemption for disabled people. Then you have to sign the declaration and not pay the vat. The place you are buying from aren’t interested in whether you actually qualify for vat exemption or not, they don’t police that. The vat office will select and check some at random but don’t worry about that, you have ms and there would be no problem if you signed the declaration, you could prove it no problem. However, I’m not 100% certain if your tempur mattress comes into the vat exempt category or not, but I’m pretty sure it would be. That’s the good news but it sounds to me that you have already bought your mattress and although it is quite easy to get a vat exempt product in the first place I’m not sure how you would get the vat back if you have already paid it. I guess you would have to go back to the shop and sign the declaration and get your money back but I’m guessing that that might not be as easy as if you had done it in the first place. However, since you have just bought it it should be possible. Cheryl:-) Cheryl:-)

Me again, I’ve had a quick look on line and yes it seems that a Tempur mattress should qualify for vat exemption. But it sounds like you have already paid for your mattress including vat. I think your best bet is to contract the place where you bought it and explain the situation. If you don’t get anywhere you could contact hmrc, the vat bit, they should be able to help you. I think it would have been easier if you hadn’t paid the vat in the first place but if you have just bought the mattress, I am hopeful that you should be able to get your money back. Cheryl:-)

I did a bit of looking on line and some stores offer the Tempur mattress as Vat exempt for the disabled.

Not sure if you will be able to do this retrospectively though.


thanks for your replies

i paid a deposit and still owe the balance of £1000 so hopefully it wont be too late to claim VAT back.

i’ll let you know how i get on.

carole xxx

take your dla award letter to the shop and show it to them as proof you are exempt. its not too late. i did this when i bought a riser recliner chair, i knew nothing about tax exemption til my mum informed me. i had to fill a form in and they photocopied my award letter then i got a cheque back through the post. as you have only paid the deposit it should be straight forward. happy snoozing.