walking sticks and snow


i rely on a stick to help my balance.

yesterday was the first time i’d used it in snow.

it was a 50 yard hobble to the local butchers which was fine but once inside the shop my stick slid.

luckily i know that shop very well and disaster was averted.

20 yards further the greengrocers and my stick did it again.

their was a lump of snow stuck at the bottom of it.

so beware of walking sticks and snow!

i need to go out again today for a birthday card for my youngest son who is 29 tomorrow.

this brings me to my major worry that he will be in traffic on the M62 - he’s a good driver and has a 4 x 4 but still a worry.

anyway that goes with the territory of being a mum.

be careful out there!

carole x

morning carol

i am snowed in! no chance of getting out so my son is going for milk/bread! school is shut.

you take care out there!

ellie x

No snow here yet, (near the coast in SW Hants.).

I saw on the BBC news this morning they were telling people how to walk more safely on snow. They advise you to waddle (more like a penguin than a person) with your feet turned out slightly.

From my experience as someone who usually walks with their feet turned out I’d have to disagree, on snow or ice I now walk with my feet (toes) turned inwards.

My usual walk generally ends up with my heel striking the ground first, any slight error on my part or aberration in the ground surface will see my heel slide away forwards with the rest of my body generally following it. If it doesn’t get that far it can cause muscle/joint strains/pulls by trying to recover from the slide.

Walking pigeon toed means I place my feet more carefully and with the whole sole flat on the ground first. I fall over much less, although I try and avoid going anywhere in snow nowadays, either on foot or by car.

It could be that using my normal walk my strides are longer and made with less care, I just know what works for me and it’s not with my feet splayed out.

thanks for the replies.

i understand that i am lucky enough to still be relatively mobile and felt a bit wrong posting this.

just wanted everybody to be aware that snow is sneaky!

sneaky snow sod off!

be careful out there (remember Hill Street Blues!)

thanks again

Best advice: don’t go out in snow at all. If you do, use 2 sticks and wear wellys (they grip better). You then got 4 point of contact with the ground. I am relying on the trusty off road Trekinetic to do the 2 mile round trip which I gotta do…

Believe me, in minus 4 I wouldn’t if I didn’t have to.

I’m sure your sone would rather have a phone call from you and be happy you are safe!!

Stay home if possible. Keep the heating up and your woollies on. Send any available able bodies out to hunt and gather supplies. If you have to go out, wear shoes with plenty of traction and your most stable walking aid (or off roader).

Otherwise raid the freezer and cupboards, make weird concoctions with whatever provender you can find in the house. Try to avoid eating household pets or fish from the aquarium or pond (if you can crack through the ice). I don’t think trapping pigeons, other wild fowl or squirrels is necessarily a good plan for dinner either.

In dire emergency, go to bed and huddle under a duvet with your warmest PJs on. (And maybe a small tot of ‘medicinal’ brandy, whisky or other warming liquid, ie hot chocolate).

Roll on Spring.


Don`t go out while the weather is like this. Get your shopping delivered. Simples.

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I saw a women walking with a stick earlier & nearly went over & gave her your advice. Don’t worry, I stopped myself before I made myself look mad !

carol, so glad you made it home without injury.

i hate this weather, in the uk we are so unprepared for it that in one way or another lots of people get hurt.

sending positive energy to all with ms that no one gets hurt in any way.

thank you for your concern and advice.

sue thanks for suggesting i break out the cognac or single malt, they are getting a bit low but should see me through until tesco come with supplies!

i love boozing in bed!

No problem, I am thinking that medicinal drinks should be the law on days like today. Obviously those who don’t drink alcohol should stick to their infusion or cocoa etc of choice, but as for topers, the sky’s the limit I feel. Sue

Before the snow I nearly did a faceplant in the local butchers , the floor was wet and I was too lazy to get my rollator so I used my stick and scared the living daylights out of myself. If I fall that is bad enough but trying to get me up again is a full scale military exercise.


aw mick i feel your pain.

i always land on the back of my head.

MRIs must show that i’m truly cracked.

Carole i too smack the back of my head . i once got concussion whilst leaving a pub after drinking elderflower presse, fur fat snake! Much more dangerous than a bob sleigh run. mick

I think SSSSue has the best idea


my delivery been cancelled for today!


I’ve taken the rubber ferrule off the hiking pole and revealed the snow spike. Sounds a bit Rosa Klebb, but never mind. And all this for an expedition out the back door to fill the bird-feeders and melt the ice in the bird-bath. I’m not planning on venturing further until the weather changes.


i’m taking to my bed with a brandy coffee and staying there!

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Maybe you’ll need a refill before the Great Freeze is over.

Sounds like the best place though.


dont fret folks-i have a tin of chicken soup and they are going to attemp delivery on sat… i still cant get out the house-i have 2 teenagers that can tho!


Rollator 3 or 4 wheeled for stability, I added pink streamers with a matching horn! We have 50cm of snow so going nowhere, maybe a snow plough next. Be safe guys M x

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