Walking problem.

Any one know supplements that can help which walking difficulties?

I had recently MRI scan for my head and spine and it was clear ( no new lesions). But I notice that my walking is really problematic recently.

I can’t walk 30 min witch my dog because after 20 min my right leg going funny. I can’t lift it very well, my walking is nearly a walking, I can feel my spine and it feel like it won’t support legs as should, have stifles in legs. I have to stop so many times, for am lousy a year I can’t run or even slightly walking fast. I miss be able to run, even for 10 sek.

I been refer to neurology gym but I’m on the waiting list. I hope that they give me something that improve things.

But I feel uesles,my mood is down, I afraid to go to town because I need rest and my balance and walking is not the same.

I got frustrated every time I try to push myself but my body stopping me to do that.

I was thinking that many there is some supplements that can improve something a little. I’ve been taking vit D, magnesium, cynk but I never try any other alternative medicine. So if anyone know anything that can help even a bit I will be happier.

The neurology gym sounds exactly what you need, because they should be able to identify areas of muscle weakness and suggest an exercise programme to help build strength.
Until that comes through, some work on core strength will improve balance and help keep you upright. Whatever you can manage is an awful lot better than doing nothing.

Core stability exercises (a pilates type approach) | MS Trust

If exercise was a pill everyone would be on it.