Balance problems

Hi all, can anyone help with suggestions on how to get my balance back, apparently, according to my Neurologist, it’s my core

I wish I had a proper pearl of wisdom. I have not been able to get my balance back but I do use various strategies to mitigate the problems.

Slow down (use your conscious brain to walk, carefully plan your route, find more enclosed spaces which give you more options to grab furniture, door frames or window sills if necessary)

Be very aware of your surroundings, using walls and corners to help stay upright.

Core strength should help, I will let you know if I manage to develop any !

The more effort you put in the luckier you should be.

Good luck


Your best bet is to get assessed by a physio, as they can identify any specific areas of muscle weakness and suggest an exercise programme to help.

These exercises are good for strengthening the core and even the more basic ones are useful.

There are various strategies for improving balance. Mick’s advice is excellent.

If you explain it to your GP or MS nurse (if available), they should refer you for more expert advice although my GP once gave me a very basic set of exercises which worked whilst I was able to walk.

My biggest balance problem now is more to do with the Nat West.

Best wishes.

Hehe Steve. You tell Nat West to behave, or you’ll take your overdraft somewhere else!!