walking backwards

Hi, this came up in a reply I was doing to someone about foot drop.

I though I`d make it a new post, as it could help some here.

In the days when I was able to walk, eons ago now…walking forwards became so dangerous and exhausting for me and when we were in our camper, I found the short distances twixt seat/loo/sink, were better done backwards!

I could slide my feet with no need to lift them!

It sounds daft now, but I didnt realise you have to lift your foot to walk forwards. As long as I had someone or something to hold safely onto, it worked a treat…until the exhaustion factor butted in.

I offered this nugget of info to 2 folk here and they thought it was a good idea and are trying it.

See, there`s a bit of wisdom/experience from this old bird, eh?

luv Pollx

Val, I step in all directions to save my balance LOL :slight_smile:

Sonia x

Val, yeh, I taught Jacko you know? Didnt get any payment tho`!


spike milligan “i’m walking backwards for christmas”

theres a rude word in it 2 verses on.

carole x

I recall the song title, but whats the rude word? If it would probably get zapped by the system, just type xxx in among, eh? Youve got me interested now!


Ido this too poll.lol Found the song and can’t find any rude words I’M WALKING BACKWARDS FOR CHRISTMAS (Spike Milligan) The Goons - 1956 I’m walking backwards for Christmas, Across the Irish Sea, I’m walking backwards for Christmas, It’s the only thing for me. I’ve tried walking sideways, And walking to the front, But people just look at me, And say it’s a publicity stunt. I’m walking backwards for Christmas, To prove that I love you. An immigrant lad, loved an Irish colleen From Dublin Galway Bay. He longed for her arms, But she spurned his charms, And sailed o’er the foam away She left the lad by himself, on his own All alone, a-sorrowing And sadly he dreamed, or at least that’s the way it seemed, buddy, That an angel quieted him… An angel quieted the same. I’m walking backwards for Christmas, Across the Irish Sea. I’m walking backwards for Christmas, It’s the finest thing for me. And so I’ve tried walking sideways, And walking to the front. But people just laughed, and said, “It’s a publicity stunt”. So I’m walking backwards for Christmas To prove that I love you.

Thanks Poll, I do sometimes walk backwards, also sometimes sideways, always holding on to something, it does help a bit. The only problem with backwards is that I can’t see where I am going! Cheryl:-)

I replied on t’other thread but thanks Poll

Sonia x

hi poll

the version i remember is a rude word rhyming with front. silly little xxx

i must have spent time in the wrong company!

carole x

Poll, l can also shuffle backwards - as long as l hold onto my rollator. And l can step to the right and drag left foot across - but this has put paid to me going Barn Dancing! - no more ‘doh sey dohing’. So when l get my invitation to join ‘Strictly’ - l hope my choreographer can make use of the moves l can do. l can certainly do the ‘dragging across the floor’ bit. But my partner would have to lift me back up onto my feet - or - l should have to bum-shuffle across the floor to the judges podium and climb up - hopefully without snagging my lycra costume and loosing the odd feather or two.

Been practising my moves this morning- whilst trying to water my strawberry barrel [its 4ft high with strawberries growing out of holes] l let go of the rollator and lifted the watering can - the weight knocked me down and l managed to pour the lot over me.

Whilst lying there - l did notice lots of strawberries l had not seen from standing beside it - so there is a good reason to be down there looking up!! Now l have soaking wet jeans - a scraped knee and elbow - anyone would think l was a 8yr old boy.

Am l a Strawberry Fool or Fall!

Eeee Frances! Strawberry Fool indeed! The one good thing to come from your fall is in finding hidden fruits! Well, we all say, What else can I do whilst Im down her?` So it was a beneficial fall in a strange kind of way!

Hope the pain isnt too bad. Stuff and nonsense, eh?


Yeh, I think I did work that out Carole.

it`s only a laff and nowt to get riled about, eh?