walkign and raising money


The MS Society advocates exercise as a way to keep healthy and maintain quality of life.

There are a huge number of people with advanced MS who like to take exercise but their mobility is impaired. Maybe they can only walk 1 Km or only 500 metres.

The MS Society is promoting sponsored walks but the minimum distance is 5K or maybe 10K. What is wrong with doing a shorter distance that is more inclusive. This will allow people who have SPMS or PPMS and cannot walk very far to do their part in raising money for the MS Society.

I can walk 1Km, it takes me 45 minutes then fatigue gets in the way. I have no desire to bake cakes, I get a real buzz from taking exercise. Why does the MS Society not do a shorter distance in its sponsored walk?. This is not rocket science, it is a matter of being more inclusive and thinking about people with advanced MS whose mobility is impaired.

It time to #Wakeup and be more inclusive


my ms therapy centre is holding a walk or cycle to paris.

all done indoors on the exercise bikes and treadmill.

FYI, Isle of Man group is holding a sponsored Wheel & Walk on 28 April on the cycle track at the National Sports Centre here. We held a similar event last year and had over 70 participants, many of whom have MS. They were supported by family, friends and work colleagues. The cycle track is flat and is just under 800 metres. Participants could do as many or a few laps as they were comfortable with. Some walked unaided, other used either walking sticks, crutches, walkers, scooters, wheelchairs. I managed to Wheel myself round twice and I was knackered. I then got a number of helpful shoves and in the end managed seven laps thanks to many helping hands. We’re hoping for increased numbers this year. Derek