MS Trust takeover parkrun!


The fabulous people at the MS Trust want to help raise awareness of parkrun for people with MS. This is part of the wider “#Run 4 MS” campaign across health trusts that Prof G blogs and tweets about.

Volunteers from the MS Trust are teaming up with parkrun to “takeover” Letchworth parkrun on 8 December 2018.

Whilst I know this type of event doesn’t appeal to everybody, it is free and open to anyone that wants to participate - of all abilities so I thought I would mention the event here (even though it is MS Trust not MSS (shh!)) in case anyone wants to pop along and say hello!

For info, parkrun is a free, weekly 5km timed event which takes place at over 1,600 locations in 20 countries. Every Saturday morning friends come together to organise, walk, jog or run their own local parkrun. Together, parkrunners have walked, jogged or ran over 100 million miles at these free-to-enter events. More than 5 million people have registered.

There are 570 events in the UK alone. These events take place in pleasant parkland surroundings and are run by volunteers. They have a really lovely community feel and are open to people of all abilities. Whilst the events are timed, they are a “run not a race” – there are no winners and no-one comes last (as a volunteer “tail walker” has the honour of being back marker, to make sure every one gets of the course safely and to offer encouragement to anyone who wants it at the back). Through its “PROVE” project parkrun wants to encourage more people with long term health conditions and disabilities to participate in parkrun. There are already nearly 900 UK parkrunners who have stated they have MS in their registration details which is amazing.

If you would like to find out more, please visit our FB group.

K xx

how i wish i could run.

i did the run the world (bob geldof’s follow up to sing the world).

it was only 10km but it almost finished me off and i didn’t have ms then.

hope it goes brilliantly.


H Carole, Thanks very much. I’m not much of a runner - strong and sturdy I see myself as a pack pony rather than a race horse! I’m entered into the 10km “Santa Run” in Victoria Park for the MS Trust in December and that will be a challenge for me. Nice thing about parkrun is it isn’t just for runners. Whilst there is no getting away from the fact that it is a 5km timed event, it does encourage people of all abilities/speeds to join in - so there have always been walkers at the events I’ve attended (and I know of a few people who participate with the use of different mobility aids (including people with MS who use wheelchairs and FES) and guide run/walkers where they are VI). I also know people who don’t walk/run but still like to help in the organisation/ volunteering as there is such a lovely community feel (and usually quite a lot of homemade cake!). I’m really excited about the event. I only started running (via parkrun) when I got diagnosed with MS (determined to prove a point to myself) so I’m really please that the MS Trust are so keen to get involved and show their support. Going to have to ice my finish line cakes in ghastly MS Trust blue as a way of saying thank you! Hope you are well and enjoying this lovely sunny (if chilly - brrr!) day K xx

Just wanted to give this a little bump - and say that parkrunning with MS has managed to grab features in both Open Door and this week’s parkrun podcast Free Weekly Timed (hosted by Vassos Alexander from the Chris Evans breakfast show)

Hope everyone is keeping well and warm. xx

we have a park run every saturday across the road, and i go and watch and encourage the runners its a great event to watch. i enjoy it as people dont know me yet they smile at me and talk to me, and make me feel normal again. I wish i could run i never could swim yes run no. but i love to see them and some look as though they are going to peg it but keep going lol.

then on sunday we have a kids run which is great to watch.

maybe i should attach an MS banner to my mobility scooter.

Hi Crazy Chick,

That’s fab. I bet the participants love seeing you!

There is something very special about parkrun I think. The fact that it is so inclusive and supportive, that it is not-for profit and free for everybody, and the fact that, although it is nationwide (and international!), each event is run at a local level by volunteers who love their communities.

I was sceptical when my husband first suggested it to me (he is a “proper runner” and I thought the event was for people like him) - but as you’ll see I am a convert!

Have you thought about speaking to your local team and becoming a volunteer? There are lots of volunteers that don’t ever run/walk the course for one reason or another - and lots of roles that could be workable on your scooter (course marshal or finish line support?).

There are a few people in the parkrun for MS facebook group who participate via volunteering as their MS means they would struggle to make it round the course. Julie has written quite a good piece on her volunteering experiences from the back of a scooter if you are interested?

There is another chap called Rory who no longer runs due to his PPMS but has turned to “voluntourism” for his weekly parkrun fix - Rory travels around and takes on different volunteer roles at different events around the country. He is quite famous in the UK parkrun community as, in addition to setting up the events in Ipswich, he has volunteered at around 100 different parkrun events!

Just a thought! Keep up the good work encouraging the runners you see. I’m a bit of a tourist myself travelling the country to try different runs so there is every chance it could be me (and I need all the encouragement i can get!! :-))

Take care

Kat x

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There is no way I could ever do anything this far. I have advanced MS, serious foot-drop and must use a rollator. I want to challenge myself to a 1K walk sometime next year and get sponsored by friends and family. Does anyone know of 1K organised walk next year, 2019?

I know the MS Society introduced the 1K distance last year but I was out of the country at the time and will they do it again? I did Parallel London twice but not too sure if it will ever happen again.

Ideas please

Hi Patrick

I’m afraid the only official event I know of with a 1km distance option os the MSS event you mention above. I think they introduced that distance this year to make the event more inclusive following feedback and it was well received, so hopefully they will include it for 2019.

The only other event of a similar distance I could think of is the Westminster Mile - which is run by the same team that put on the London marathon I think. I’m conscious that it is a good % longer than you were looking for, and whilst it is billed as being “inclusive” and has FAQs for people who use mobility aids, Im unconvinced from the website how welcoming it is to walkers (although it would be possible to message the organisers to find out). However, details attached just in case it is of interest to you (or anyone else reading this thread looking for a similar type of challenge).

Really hope you find what you are looking for. Best of luck with it!


Hello Kat, I actually persuaded the MS Society to be a bit more inclusive and do the 1K walk (https://bit dot ly/2eYmPpb) I may well be away again in September this year but I want a challenge. 1 mile is definitely too far. I’m pleased the MSS walk was well received. Lets wait and see what happens Patrick

Hi Patrick I just realised I had forgotten to add the link to the mile and in doing so have seen your response above and confirmation it is too far - so apologies for crossing in the post! Well done on getting the MSS to extend their event this year. Best of luck K