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I’m one of the two new parkrun “outreach” ambassadors for MS - and just wanted to let those interested know that we are starting a new facebook group (and hopefully soon a Strava club) for parkrunners with MS.

For those that don’t know, parkrun organise free, weekly, timed 5k events every Saturday in parks across the country. These are super inclusive events which you can walk, jog or run at your own speed - and they are run by volunteers so there is a real sense of community.

As an outreach ambassador my role is to raise awareness of parkrun - and the fact that it is so inclusive - within the MS community. This is part of a government sponsored programme with parkrun called “PROVE” which has already been rolled out across various other conditions. The aim is to get more people with these conditions walking, jogging, running or volunteering at parkrun - and most importantly getting the health (physical, mental and emotional) benefits that delivers.

I know from previous posts that there are parkrunners/people interested in parkrun in this group - so I hope the admins. don’t mind me posting this here.
K xxx

I should have added for those who read the Barts Blog - the honourable Dr G is also championing this initiative!

that sounds wonderful katy

however i won’t be taking part because my stupid legs are on shift work, 1 day on, 3 days off!

hope it is a great success.

My legs won’t even hold me up long enough to pull my pants up a lot of the time. Brilliant work though. I hope you get lots of Park Runners for MS.


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Just giving this a little bump - and sharing this brilliant story from Judy

If anyone has any questions about how to participate in parkrun - as walker, runner or volunteer like Judy just let me know!



Just giving this a little bump in case of interest to any new joiners!

  • there are nearly 800 registered parkrunners in the UK who have registered as having MS

  • the FB group for people affected by MS now has 200 members - mainly based in the UK but we also have people from Germany, South Africa and Australia. The group includes people with a real range of running abilities - from super fit and fast speedy club runners (including those who manage incredible times with various FES devices) and to people who are working up to their first 5km jog, those who walk the course, people building their distances (and speed!) in their wheelchairs and those who love the community feel of volunteering.

  • a lot of health care practitioners are using parkrun as part of their “social prescribing” for a range of health conditions, including MS. parkrun was given a grant by the department of health to get people with long term health conditions / disabilities active and the Royal College of GPs has launched a big collaboration with parkrun.

  • It is International Social Prescribing Day on 14th March and a number of UK parkruns will be marking this with special events (e.g. Malling parkrun in Kent is being “taken over” by one of the local GP practices and is running an VI guiding event)

Give me a shout if you’d like to know more. I know parkrun isn’t possible for everyone with MS (and isn’t of interest to many regardless) but we really a lovely little community for anyone who is looking for a different way to get active or involved in their local community.


You are an inspiration. I’ve just read your post on the newly/un-diagnosed board. Well done on all your achievements since diagnosis. Incredible. You are a star.


Sue - that’s really kind to say. I’ve been very lucky to date. I’m in awe of the time and thought you put in to respond to so many people looking for support on this board. xx

Hello! Just giving this a wee bump in case anyone is keen to give parkrun a go as part of a new year’s resolution or are already parkrunning and are keen to find out more about our group. Over the last 18 months we’ve built to a community of over 250 people. We are predominately in the UK but have representatives from the wider global parkrun community too. Each week we support each other run, jog, Jeff, wheel, walk, volunteer and cheer at parkrun a across the country. We include super speedy ultra distance runners, mid pack joggers (like me!), those on C25k journeys and those with more advanced MS issues. Facebook Groups