Walk for MS Society ?

Hi everyone !

Not been on here in ages

Just want to ask a question.

Yesterday I saw an article on the BBC text news about a chap who has MS.

He has been in a wheelchair for about 15 years, but can walk a little ( a couple of feet or so at a time !)

He is doing a sponsored walk of 37 kilometres over nine days to mark the MS Society’s anniversary !

I thought this was a fantastic thing to do and now want to see how I can support him.

Unfortunately I can’t find the article, or details, anywhere and wondered if anybody on here knows anything about this ?

I would much appreciate any help with information about this and, obviously, I’d like to encourage more people to support him !

Thanks for your help.

Seb x


On the ms society’s YouTube page is a few new vids about this (i think).

Very inspirational!


…and on this site!