Hello guys

Hi guys,

Just a little hello to all. I’m not personally a sufferer of MS, however my Dad suffered with it for most of my Childhood life so don’t remember to much of him not having MS, MS Society is a charity very very close to my heart. Sadly we lost my Dad back in 2008 after his brave battle.

He never ever let MS stop him from doing things he loved, he had an electric wheelchair that he would use to travel to and from town on a regular basis the local town was a good half an hour away, however the battery wasn’t brilliant and There was 1 occasion he was on his way home, a good 20 mins from home when his batteries died and he came to a halt. Unable to walk or get in touch with someone for help as mobile phones were still a thing for the privileged. Luckily a friendly passer by noticed he’d ‘broken down’ and set the chair to manual mode. pushing him all the way back home. We later discovered the guy who pushed him home had gone out of his way from his actual intended destination to get Dad home, electric wheelchairs and the size of my Dad at the time were not the easiest things to push.

Dad was an avid gardener and you would regularly see him on his hands and knees regularly planting flowers, mowing the grass anything he could do he would. A few times myself and brother would offer to do something for him, but he would never allow that to happen as he would never allow MS to beat him, allowing someone to do a task for him meant he had given up to it, he always said he had MS, MS didn’t have him!. A true inspiration to anyone thinking the diagnosis of MS means you have to stop doing the things you love. You don’t, you just have to find a different way of doing it. In my dads case, his hands and knees still worked perfectly so that’s how he would continue doing the things he loved

A little about me and why I am here, In October 2022 I am really running the Manchester Half Marathon in memory of my Dad. And to raise as much money as I possibly can for MS Society.
Anyone reading this wishing to make a small or even big donation please do so at the following link.

Thank you for taking the time in reading.

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Hi, your dear Dad was a remarkable man indeed!

I hope your find raising goes well.