Waking up with sensation of not breathing!

Hi Pat I don’t have any insight or knowledge into sleep apnea, I do have experience of my partner being possessed when asleep mostly after alcohol. He will scream kick, punch out whilst asleep and act like he is having a conversation with someone. One occassion the neighbours called the police because he constantly shouted help, He was referred to the sleep clinic and was sent home wired up to a monitor

maybe they will start with sending you home wired up rather than send you to a sleep clinic.

Sorry to hear your health isn’t good sending magic healing dust.





that must have been scary when you were sleeping to have you husband experience that, it just shows what can happen when we are sleeping, by both your and Pat’s experiences.

I love the magic healing dust! My daughter would love that, must try it for her.

Polly xxx

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Heather alwayss carrys magic healing dust when babysitting it works a treat for children worrying why grandma’s here and not mum. I recon it works just as well for adults

xx Don

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Thank you everyone so much for replies. YES I will see GP.

I’ve been ok the last couple of nights… not sure if it’s sleeping with 2 pillows or not… (and I can feel how 2 pillows strains the neck so won’t be doing this long-term).

Eiona… thanks so much for link. Very interesting… I’ve certainly been having the sleep paralysis for years and there seems to be a connection.

Would have liked to reply individually to each of you but haven’t got the energy.

Love to all,

Pat xx

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Hope you can get it sorted, Heather scared the life out of me this morning waking me from a deep sleep to tell me my mask hak slipped and was making a noise. I jump out of my skin BIG TIME.

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Hi all I don’t know if this feed is still going but this gasping for air is ha] Happening to me latelyitis very scary and is scarying the life out of my husband it didnt show up on my sleep test but it didnt happen that night I do only have lung function of 49% but all my symptoms are worse at night

Gosh Pat, that sounds scary, hat’s off to you or handling it so calmly.

I’m about 99% sure I do suffer from sleep apnea as my husband just has to curse about my snoring and I’ll apologise and turn over… so I’m clearly not in the deep slumber my snoring would indicate! He has also said he has no idea how I can sleep thru the volume of it!

Sonia x

Hi all, this is an old post but I want to update it… it seems to have gone away thank goodness and I think it is losing 3 stone in weight which might have done it (although I’m not 100% sure).

I have a friend who had it too and it did turn out to be sleep apnea… which can be quite a problem because you do actually stop breathing… the brain then realises there is not any oxygen coming into the body and wakes you up… which is why you wake up gasping.

The test for apnea is much simpler these days. You used to have to spend a night at a sleep clinic, but now they can give you a little machine that will check if you stop breathing in your sleep. IF that is what’s happening, they give you a small mask to wear at night which pushes air into your lungs. My friend said it doesn’t interfere with her sleeping. It doesn’t need an oxygen tank.

So if you are waking up gasping, please go and see your GP and ask to be referred for the test!

Hope this is informative.

Pat xx

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