Does anyone else ever feel as if they can catch their breath?

This started a few weeks ago. It’s not all the time but I suddenly feel as if I can’t breathe. It doesn’t last for long but it makes me feel panicked until it settles down. It’s worse when I’m in bed but happens other times as well.

Catherine x

Hi Catherine Yes I have noticed this recently too. Especially if I have had the bath a little too hot! It is at other times as well though. Teresa xx

Hi Catherine, is it sort of like you’ve forgotten to breathe? A sort of sudden panic where you have to take a big intake of breath?

I get this sometimes but used to get it a lot more when I was on Gabapentin… so might be side effect of a drug you are taking. If it’s the same sensation, I still get it sometimes (although not on any drugs now) just as I’m dropping off to sleep. Not sure what causes it but have certainly only ever experienced this since I’ve had MS.

Pat x

Hi Catherine, I get the feeling where I can’t take a full breath, almost like the muscle right in the middle of my chest has tightened up, no pain with it, I take Gabepentin, have done for the last 4.5yrs, however this started with me about 6mths ago, only every now and again, but now I get it quite a lot, it’s not nice, but I know from the tests I’ve had it’s not my heart, so that’s the main thing, oh and it doesn’t seem to matter what I’m doing, I can wake up with it, if you’re really worried go to see you’re GP, take good care, Jean x

hi chub

i get this on and off and its at night that i wake myself up with a massive intake of breath as though i had forgotton to breathe and then my brain realises and takes a breath that is very fast and strong. its quite scary even now.

i mentioned this to a neuro and he told me it was panic attacks. (no wonder i lose all faith in them!)

i had my sleep monitored overnight but on that particular night it didnt happen…typical.

to date i have had diagnosis of fybromyalgia, likely ms and ME/CFS.

best wishes

mandy xx