Gasping for breath symptoms

I often find if someone or something has made me laugh a lot I’m suddenly gasping for breath.It’s such a frightening symptom which I’ve had for over 5 of my 15 years,since diagnosis.I don’t take any MS medication.Is this a symptom of MS?

I get this and i have since my diagnosis 27 yr ago.


talk to your doctor about this and also let your ms nurse know.

the MS hug made me gasp for breath but the pain of it was horrendous.

Think I get something like this particularly when I’m tired at night, I think it’s my swallow and breathing mechanisms that get mixed up, get hiccups or quite good at choking, have mentioned to nurse but not had any suggestions what to do about and so random. I’m hoping that he just missing couple of breaths when it happens, if more definitely bring up with ms nurse. Froo x

I have had this happen to me several times. It makes me worried about laughing too much in case it happens again. It’s really frightening