Waiting rooms

With London bus frequency, I put two blogs out in one go. This is short and pertinent:


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Thank you for writing another interesting Blog . I’m always amazed at detail your mind picks up when you have no choice but to be there. I remember just over 28 years ago being in the special care baby unit with Rosanna she was very poorly and we didn’t know which way it would go. . I was 25 and she was my 3rd baby she developed an infection just after delivery . I can remember so clearly the lay out of her room and the heart monitor and even the writing on her incubater. It seemed as if time stood still and yet the world was still spinning and people were carrying on with their lives. It’s amazing how in stressful situations you take in the minutest details. I hope it all goes well for you Steve and thank you for sharing it with us. You really are a Hero. Michelle and Frazer xx