The superb day. NOT!

Waited 3 months for an operation, none PPMS related, yet suffering from it.

Waited 4 hours for the surgery, after my son & family were all on standby. Having time off work & putting people out.

Only to be told, there’s no beds & I have to go home. After not eating for a day & drinking just water.

All after handing in a great survey of the service.

I’m currently feeling marvellous. I may need to go to a music concert to let off some steam. That’s what it’s all about these days.

I was asked if I was nervous about the surgery, because my legs were shaking & I seemed distressed & in pain. Where’s the rocket scientist to work that problem out?

It’s such a wonderful world. Just another 3 months to wait, for the next batch of cheesy smiles.

Create the problem & offer the solution. Does that seem correct statement? Place your bets & make plans.

Perhaps the golf was on & new strings were needed. Who knows or cares these days? Vultures need to eat too.

Terrific Terry.

Sent home after being admitted is the pits!

Polls x

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Aww poor Terry that’s terrible , what a waste of a day and your relatives I bet they were fed up too. I agree that’s a daft question if they’d read your notes they’d know why your legs were shaking. I had people ask me if I’m cold, often I nod just to avoid the discussion about it. Michelle and Frazer xx sent from my mobile

Hugs Terry nothing else I can say XXX Don

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New appointment for 7:30 am, this Monday. More organisation to arrange.

That’s if the Royal is open after the fire problem on the news & this political result doesn’t cause riots.

Any excuse for a riot some people. Patients leads to being a patient & having a bed for an operation.

Hello Terry , I hope it all goes well for you. No more cancellations. Michelle and Frazer xx

Cheers Michelle. This system seems to like causing stress. So many different opinions, creates chaos & the folks in trouble get to feel all the problems. Oddly enough, the Royal hospital was set on fire & I’ve gone beyond caring. My body feels like a bolt of electricity & there’s a sine wave hum. Bring it on!

Charged with Blueberries & Strawberries. Let the positive energy start.