Impressed so far

I have to say, I am really quite impressed with my Drs and hospital so far. It was only March that I was admitted to hospital.

i saw my gp two weeks ago, he referred me to neurology, attended my appointment there on Monday 5th June and today I have received my appointment for my MRI on the 20th June. Now to wait for the very much dreaded LP appointment.

That being said, I am having an awful day today. :frowning:

my co-ordination is awful, I managed to stab myself with a sharp knife (twice) I have a cut on my thumb and one on my finger… as I type this I realise they don’t hurt because my left side side feels numb apart from my left calf muscle that really seems to be aching/hurting?? Is that normal. (Well normal for MS)? Lol.

How are you all feeling today?

i have felt drunk ever since i opened my eyes this morning.

the day has gone from bad to worse.

so now i’m having a glass of merlot!

it’s really good that you have such a good gp.

the hospital seem to be on the ball too.

don’t worry about the LP. it isn’t a pleasant experience but if you take a bendy straw and drink cafeine drinks whilst lying flat for at least an hour, you should be fine.

carole x

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Hi Bear

I’m a bit tired today. I had lunch out, two glasses of wine and some quite nice food. But my right hand hurts.

It’s a great thing when someone comes on here and says how impressed they are with their NHS service. It’s obviously crap having symptoms that lead you to being tested for MS, but very positive that the Drs are getting a shift on with the appointments and tests. And the LP isn’t always dreadful.

I phoned a surgeons secretary yesterday to ask for a message to be passed on to him regarding surgery I’m having next week. She put my phone call through to him, so I was able to ask a question and have an immediate answer. I was highly impressed with that too.


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Good morning Carole,

how are you feeling today?? Hope you enjoyed your merlot. (I do like a nice glass of merlot myself) :slight_smile:

Claire x

Good morning Sue,

Wow that is impressive. We are lucky to have an NHS and I have been impressed with my care so far.

Sounds like you had a nice afternoon. Do you feel more drained afterwards?? I find if I over do things I tend to pay for it later.

My left side still feels numb apart from my calf muscle that feels really tight. I feel sooo tired, I woke up an hour late for work. I just want to be back at home in bed. Lol

good luck with your surgery.

Claire x

Hi Claire, I agree with you and feel I have been treated really well by the NHS too. I am a bit further on than you and have had my MRI done and an evoked potential vision test done on Wednesday. I have been waiting for my lp appointment to come through or should I say dreading it lol, and decided to phone my neurologist’s secretary about it. He is on holiday at the moment but she said I am not down for one, even though he said he would be arranging for me to have one after my examination with him. I am seeing him on 20th June so will not doubt find out then.

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