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Hi about 5 years ago I went to the docs with a numb leg , they sent me to hospital gave me a MRI scan then sent me home . After a few days they sent me for another MRI scan then I had a appointment with a nerologist who told me I may have ms he wasn’t sure but the llessions in my brain made it more likely. I’ve always got tingling and tremor in my hands and feet , but just recently gone back to my gp as I have felt terrible I fell like I going mad . Just wanted to no if any one had a similar as I haven’t had any eye problems and is MRIs showing llessions in my brain is a definte diagnosis . Very worrying time .

Hi Tracy. Sorry you have found yourself here, but hoping you will find this site as informative as I have.

I dont think every person with MS has eye problems and I personally think you need to ask your GP to refer you to a neurologist asap again.

Take care and I hope you get some answers soon xx

Hi Tracey, sorry to hear you have been having a bad time.

Not everyone with MS gets eye problems.

No, having lesions on brain does not give you a definite dx of MS. They have to be separated by space and time. It’s very good that you’re going back to the neuro as they can do another MRI and compare it to the one 5 years ago. They’ll be able to see if new lesions have appeared in different place.

They will take that evidence and your symptoms and see if they are able to make a dx. If they are still not sure, they might suggest doing a lumbar puncture. This can give them another piece of evidence.

It’s sort of like putting several pieces of a puzzle together. It can take time and be frustrating, but by seeing a neuro you are on the right track.

Very worrying for you but you know sometimes it does come as a sort of relief to get a firm dx. At least then you know what is causing all of your symptoms. For now, take it one day at a time.

Hope you get some answers very soon,

Pat x

Hi Tracy and welcome

Ditto to Pat’s excellent advice.

Hang in there!

Karen x

Hello from me aswell


Thanks to everyone just want to go and fell like I’m not imagining these symptoms , also nice to no there is someone out there to talk to . Xx