Waiting hospital appointment.


I have been back and forth the doctors for about a year now , all with different symptoms, however, 3 months ago my finger become swollen for no reason, the suddenly over the weeks another finger become swollen, my ankle hurt and constantly have a tingling feeling in my toes/feet/hands/arm… they have done loads of test and the one for gout came back extremely high, they have also tested for Rheumatoid arthritis that can back clear apart from one of them but the DR doesn’t seem to think it’s that or gout and is now referring me to have more tests as she has mention MS.

im just wondering if my symptoms do sound MS related! I feel I have been told that it might be it and have now been left googling anything to help and obviously coming across many horror stories.


Hi Joey, welcome to our Forum. Dr Google hasn’t proved too efficient to diagnose anything but is brilliant at terrifying us. We’ve all been there.

Your gp needs to Rule Out possibilities. So by having symptoms such as yours, affecting the nerve endings, your Dr is being very thorough.

Right now, your symptoms can be anything, from a bad reaction to something very serious. Typically, we all look at the worst case scenario. I’d advise you to let your gp keep you up to date with tests.I

Take care