Going to neurologist soon / Possible MS

Hello everyone,

I write this message under a lot of anxiety and sadness.

I am a 25 year old female and have been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in very early stage last July 2018.

Despite the diagnosis, I dealt very well with knowing that I had the disease and everyone around me was surprised at how well I reacted to the news.

I started taking medication and life went on.

However, a week ago, I had for around 2 minutes a strong tingling sensation in a small part of my foot. I wasn’t very worried and only thought about it again during the last days because I have been feeling weird sensations which are hard for me to even describe.

I feel in my hands/feet a very very quick sensation of something I would describe like a ant walking (it lasts a second), and then it comes again in another part of the foot or the hand and it stays like that coming and going but very quickly and it does not affect the entire hand or foot, just a very tiny spot.

I already knew about MS and some of the symptoms and I looked it up. I wouldn’t be too concerned, except for the fact that I found out I have ALL the risk factors: female, young adult, caucasian, with autoimmune disorder (in this case Crohn’s) and I had mononucleosis.

I am getting very anxious and I am going soon to the doctor.

At the same time, some difficulties in my life have also put me under some stress for the last couple of weeks and I wonder if these symptoms could possibly be related?

Apart from this, I don’t think I have other symptoms.

I would also like to ask if you think it is a good idea to go now to the doctor, because maybe it is in such early stage that it will not be detected?

Have you experienced symptoms like mine?

Thank you very much in advance.


hi irene

i think it is sensible for you to go to you gp.

with a recent diagnosis of an auto-immune condition you are naturally aware of changes in your body.

i would advise you not to mention ms but let the doctor make his decision.

if you are not happy with the outcome then make another appointment and suggest that a referral to neurology may help.

good luck

carole x