Waiting for neuro appointment need advice

Hi everyone I have been referred for an neuro appointment but have a few things that you may be able to help with. Many of my symptoms have been discussed by other people but here goes. I started getting a strange sensation all over my body. It starts on my neck hairline then spreads sometimes just over my neck and shoulders sometimes all over my body. it feels like I’m sunburnt sore to touch. I have had this for years but never thought of getting it checked. A couple of years ago I started sweating all the time even when not doing anything physical and nights sweats are awful! Again didn’t think much about it thought it may be hormones. Then started getting a pain in my left hip in August last year, this has now worsened to affect my thigh muscle and knee. The pain is awful. I am tired all the time my eyesight has faded in about 6 months and my arms don’t work very well when I wake up. I’m not expecting anybody to diagnose me on here but I can’t believe how quickly I’ve lost the ability to walk more than a few steps! Very scary! Has anybody else experienced this sudden onset of loss of mobility. Thanks

Yes i have i started last march assumed if i loss weight like my gp said i would be fine i was getting so depressed i pushed m gp to refer me and he refered me for physio what a waste of time, walking got so bad i borrowed crutches to walk, but after waiting a year for my gp to help i got a new gp.

New gp refered me to neurologist waiting for an appointment this time a year ago i could run now i can barely walk at all, i have problem with my vision been seeing a eye specialist too who diagnosed me with uveitis i have weak knees just walking to taxi i got one leg in lifted other one in and just fell taxi driver tried to help me up but i have no strength so sat there whole way home they helped me up.

I have terrible fatique stiff hands feet and legs and full of bruises from minor falls new gp ran all blood tests and all came back normal the worse part is walking in pain when i get up feels like my bones are gonna break, taking pain killers to help but my balance is the worse of all not been able to take my daughter to school for like a year my dad takes her and my mum picks her up, i stay upstairs cause walking is so bad i have bloating all time needing toilet alot and only able to use bowels twice a week not a nice subject.

But lately the back ache is so painful never had it this bad before, not diagnosed with ms but i do think i have it with all my problems if anyone knows if the walking gets easier and the eye sight better along with reducing the stiffness in my joints i would appriciate the advice.


Hi Alysea Thanks for you reply it’s awful isn’t it. I must admit I have been very lucky with my GP she has been wonderful. She referred me to neuro after the first consultation now waiting for a date. it’s scary how quick things go. I hope you find a solution soon xx