Waiting for lp results

Hi all new to the forum and just looking for some help. Quick description of my journey so far, sinus infection Dec 2013 haven’t felt right since constant pain, headaches strange sensations in face and numbness in thighs, hip pain, unsteady on feet like tipsy! Fatigue muscle weaknesses the list is endless. Referred to neurologist after stamping my feet Dec 2014 as gp suspected ms, neurologist says atypical migraine syndrome but sent me for mri just to be sure April 2015 results show some inflammation so sent me for lumbar puncture end of may 2015 , never again it was awful! Awaiting results

how long for those of you that have had lp, does it take for the results? And what do you guys think about my symptoms

thanks in advance


Hi Paula, I’m new to this too. I was diagnosed about a month ago with RRMS after a lumbar puncture. I can’t comment on your symptoms as this is all so new to me too but I can tell you that I waited about 2 months for my results. My neurologist gave me an appointment to see him about 4 weeks after my LP so I am assuming he had the results at that point but they weren’t given to me until I saw him a month later.

I hope you get some answers soon as I know well how stressful the waiting and uncertainty is.