LP Results......

Hi everyone Was just wondering how long people have had to wait to their Lumber Puncture results?! I have had a neuro say he is 99% sure I have MS after my recent hospital admission but wont confirm until LP results are back… u fortunately they seem to be taking ages lol. Just wondered if any one else could share there experience on how long they had to wait. Hope you are all keeping well Sian :slight_smile:

Hi Sian

mine took 7 weeks for results to come


Mine took 8 weeks. It felt like forever.


I was an inpatient when I had mine so they were back in a couple of days.

Hope you get them back soon.

Shazzie xx

I was an inpatient for both of my LPs and the results were back in a few days.

I had my results the next day x

Its so infuriating :frowning: I was an inpatient when they did the LP but they discharged me the next day as I had already been in for 7 days and had had 5 days of IV steroids… then they told me to ‘mentally prepare’ for aa MS diagnosis. … 3 weeks later and still no result! I was told it would take 2 weeks… I wwouldn’t be surprised if they had lost my test! My local hospital is really bad lol! This waiting game is horrible :frowning: