morning everyone I've just recently joined

Just wondering on average how long is it to get an appointment to have a lumber puncture and once I have it done how long till Neuro give you your diagnosis cause I’ve been stuck in limbo land for quite sometime now and it’s getting me down

Hi Andrew and welcome to the site :slight_smile: I think the waiting times for LPs and neuro appointments very quite a lot around the country. My experience is too long ago to be terribly meaningful (Jan 1997!), but judging from comments on here, it could be anything from days to months. It’s always a good idea to check with the hospital that they got the referral and that you’ve been assigned an appointment - it does go wrong sometimes. As far as getting a diagnosis goes, that depends on lots of things. LPs are only positive in about 90% of MSers too so it will also depend on the result versus how confident your neuro is that you have MS. If it’s negative and he/she isn’t, then diagnosis may be a while off. Hopefully you won’t have too long to wait for some answers though. Karen x

Hi Andrew & welcome

How quickly appts come through seems to vary a lot, so if you think it’s taking a while then maybe give the hospital a call as Karen has suggested.

Actually receiving a diagnosis is a bit different though, it very much depends on the results of each test and where your neuro decides to go from there, so there’s really no telling how long it could be. For me it was 6 months but for others it’s quicker and some, longer.

Hopefully now that you’ve been referred the ball will start rolling a bit quicker.

Good luck

Debbie xx