This limbo land is driving me crackers! My neuro told me on Friday he thinks I have MS but in order to start my treatment I need an MRI as confirmation. Date for MRI came through, it’s 3 sept, 2 weeks away. I know that’s not long in the grand scheme of things but I was really hoping that we could move on to the next step much sooner. I guess it’ll be another wait after that for things to start happening - if, of course, the MRI shows what he expects. Today is the first day I’m feeling happy and positive about things, I think I’m past the crying shell shocked phase and ready to move on. I’m feeling better, still can’t walk in a straight line, but hubby tells me I look so much better too. Now I feel like I’m whingeing, I know many people wait years for diagnosis or never even get one. Gosh, this really is a roller coaster isn’t it? Moan over :slight_smile:

Hi It certainly is a rollercoast!! I have been ill for over 9mths, with balance problems, blurred vision and a whole lot of other smyptoms.Had MRI on Thursday last week, get results 5th Sept, if anything shows up…Massive waiting game, and we have to try and get on with life, even when we dont have any energy.

Take care


Hi Hairbear It is a roller coaster but you’ll get to the end of the diagnostic process and it sounds like it won’t be long! Two weeks is no time at all to wait for an appointment. That’ll soon be here. In the meantime just take it a day at a time and give yourself plenty of rest. Keep us posted. Teresa xx

Its frustrating I know Hairbear but two weeks will go quickly. Keep yourself occupied without overdoing it.

Let us know how it goes.