Vitamin D3 reliable brand

I am 67, newly diagnosed - no treatment plan. Have had current symptoms over a year without remission. Neuro advised 4000iu of Vitamin D3 but there are lots of brands out there - looking for recommendations of which are kosher. Took some for 3 months but blood test shows I am 88 on normal scale of 80-150.

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Try Lamberts. They’re a reputable company. I get my 4000 iu vitamin D from them. They seem to need a practitioner to order to get the 4000 ones but you could probably just try speaking to them on the phone. They’re not advertised online.

My Chemist is Orthodox and I would ask them if it were me - they have been very helpful in the past. As it is, I get over the counter TESCO or Sainsbury’s or there is Green paper box Vit D3 when I can’t see them.(?)Wallman’s - I don’t know if any of these are Kosher

I get my vitamin D3 from Oxford Vitality. My vitamin D levels were good when last checked and they had been low, so it appears to work! I think it comes in part from lanolin from sheep’s wool as they say not suitable for vegetarians or vegans. I don’t know if that is now allowed as kosher.

Think about getting a Vitamin D supplement combined with Vit K2, or as a separate supplement, as this is important to keep the calcium / magnesium / vit D3 balance right, and calcium in the right places in your body.

It is Vitabiotics Ultra Vitamin D3 and it comes up when I searched Kosher Vit D3

you GP should prescribe them on prescription when mine was a little low i had a prescription.

Thank you for your reply. I hadn’t thought of Supermarket Chemists having extra stength Vit D. I find Tesco sell the Vitabiotics product 2000iu (no problem to take two a day) and they have a 3 for 2 offer, so I may have to take a trip to Tesco. Thanks for the advice.

Thank you for your reply. I am afraid I have mislead you - by “kosher” I meant that the product actually contained the Vitamin D that it was labelled as - that it was a genuine manufacturer. I have been taking Just Vitamins 4000iu Vit D for three months now and not confident that these are genuine. I am vegetarian though, so that would be important to me. Sorry for the confusion. Prior to the MS diagnosis I was taking Vitamin D and Calcium, so now I am taking 500mg of Calcium as well as Multivitamins and Iron. I have not heard of Vit K2 before.

I have two: Vitabright 4000IU softgels and BetterYou Oral Spray 3000IU. I forget where I found it but found a daily dosage calculator which suggested I should take on 3500IU during the summer and double up in winter (the switch back to GMT from BST) due to less sunlight. When I get to summer I’ll alternate, taking both in winter. The BetterYou is interesting as an oral spray rather than a tablet, so maybe the different method of delivery will cover the bases on absorption too.