Vitamin D3 can someone tell me the dosage please?


I used to take a high dose of D3 but have run out and am already feeling very fatigued this autumn.

Can anyone advise me on dosage please?

Wendy x

The Barts Blog suggests 10,000IU is perfectly safe, but best get tested first to see if you are deficient. Multiple Sclerosis Research: #ClinicSpeak & #ResearchSpeak: what dose of vitamin D?

Retire to the Bahamas.

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Thanks whammel x

Thanks albrecht, the Bahamas would be a little too hot for me and also there’s that little thing of storm damage, I’d settle for a little place in Spain but Brexit’s put the damper on that.

I take 5000 is per day. My children who’re adults take 2000iu per day, grandchildren take age recommended. All advice from my Neuro. I think it really helps I’ve never been so healthy since I started the ms journey and reducing mobility. MS the gift that keeps giving. Good luck

One of our former members (rizzo) effectively ODed on 10000iu.
People on the Coimbra Protocol, but this is based on their weight.
I took 2400iu, and my old MS nurse told me to double this in winter.
2400iu took me to the high end of normal and my neuro was happy with that.
Take as much as you can tolerate and get tested regularly.


It wasn’t Rizzo, it was me. And I didn’t overdose in the sense of doing myself any harm. When I had a blood test, I was at 342 nmol/L. The recommendation is that pwMS should have blood levels between 100 and 200 nmol/L. The harmful levels are up at 700 nmol/L. Read the info on the link whammel posted to understand beneficial levels of Vitamin D.

Just out of interest, my mother-in-law recently fell (from standing) and broke her hip. Probably wouldn’t have happened if she had had decent levels of D3, because that’s what controls how much calcium is absorbed by your bones.

I was taking 5000iu, but increased my dosage 6 months ago. My recent blood test showed my levels were 175mnol which, I believe is the top of the normal.