vitamin d

hi all

what is a good level of vitamin d. my consultant wanted mine checked and my doctor has just told me its 45 and ok.

well i went to get my b12 injection on monday and the nurse said she feels its low especially with ms. what do i do ?

go back to doctor or just start taking a supplement?

cheers kim


I am not sure what the 45 refers to; is it the nmol/L level of plasma in your blood?

Whammel suggested the following article about vitamin D levels, for which I was grateful. You will see it discusses the recommended vitamin D blood levels.

I take 5000iu of Vitamin D daily at the moment. As I only started this about a month ago I will wait a further 8 weeks before taking the plasma blood test, as recommended by the Barts blog.

Have you contacted your MS nurse about the results of your blood test?

Best wishes


Do you have to pay for the b12 injection? If I ask for it at the doctor’s am I likely to get it?

I’m so clueless about this stuff! Should I enquire when I get my 3 monthly Tecfidera bloods done next month?

thanks for replies. yes I will be seeing my ms nurse this Friday and chat with her about it. as for my b12, I had blood test years ago after having some sensory symptons and they detected low level b12 so my doctor put me on the 3monthly injections which I am still on. ask your doctor for b12 deficiency test and see what the outcome of that is. kim