Vitamin D deficiency - question

Hey all, i’m back. So I have very low vitamin d, thats all that was wrong with my blood anyway. i should be 75 and im 33, tho apparently dangerzone is under 20 so i shouldn’t be too worried. im kinda relieved, but not entirely convinced that it could explain everything! my question is: does anyone else here have low vit d? if so, what supplement(s) did they take? i have been told to take 1000 units of it a day and have found some drops which i can put in with drinks. It also has sunflower and corn oil and vitamin E in some form with a long name, from Holland Barret. Has anyone else used this? My doc. didn’t say that i had to take it in pill form but im assuming that drops will have the same effectiveness ( they are called fast results or something), as much as pills. ie. drops diluted in a drink, and pills with a coating, should both work as well right? she also said not to get a multivitamin cos then i could have too much of other vitamins, does anyone think it having vit E as well makes it multi vitamin? my local boots was oddly not well informed but most of the supplements seemed to have something else in them as well as Vit D. I’m going to try the other pharmacy in town tommorow to check if they think what ive got is ok, but thought maybe someone on here may have some ideas in the meantime? sorry for long post!

Just on quickly as getting dinner ready. Have a look at this other thread that is from the other day…

I would think that 1,000iu is too low. A lot of us follow the guidelines that adults should take 5,000iu vitamin D3 a day. You can buy Healthy Origins 5,000iu capsules very reasonably from amazon (although you should shop about - you never know, you might get a better deal elsewhere).

Incidentally, the recommended level for MSers is 125-200nmol/l. Your 33 is WAY off!

Whatever you get, make sure it is vitamin D3 and not vitamin D.

Karen x

thankyou. xx

it deffo says D3, maybe its cos she doesn’t think i have MS that she prescribed no more? she did say not to have anymore than 1000, i guess initially to see what the effect was maybe.


Most GPs are not aware of the push to get MSers onto high dose D3 - this is because it is not being driven by NICE or the NHS.

Check out D3 on the multiple sclerosis research blogspot - it’s a highly reputable website run by neurologists and their research colleagues. They recommend 5,000iu a day.

Karen x

Ok thanks, will check it out. but i guess as I’m not dx’d , i should see what the 1000 does first? obviously i want to get better but i don’t wanna have too much in case it turns out i dont have MS in the end.

Hi Jules,

My levels were checked and were only 22.

My Neuro advised 50,000, once a week for 8 weeks; this dose should only be on medical guidance.

Levels have now risen to 120 AND…I have not felt this well since my symptoms began, just over a year ago (diagnosed 8 months ago).

I now take 5000 a day.

I have read a lot on D3 and trust me,1000 is not enough for you, MS or not, your levels are very low.

2000a day would be about right, for an average person.

You get about 20,000 from time in the sun, so you can see 1000 is not much and not dangerous.

Sorry to go on but my recent experiences have turned me into a D3 bore!!!

Hope you get clarity soon.

Clare x

Hi Jules My vit d level was 32 and my doctor has given me Colecalciferol 10000 units one to be taken weekly for 8 weeks. Originally he said that this could be causing some of the symptoms i have but i have since experienced other symptoms that he beleives may be ms so is refering me back to neuro. Hopefully you will feel better once your levels are higher. Take care Claudette x

Check out the link above Julie.

This is a snippet from the link above:

“Are you taking vD3 supplements? Are your siblings and children taking vD3 supplements? If not you should be: recommended doses < 2yrs of age 600U per day, 2-10 years of age 2,000U per day and >10 years of age 5,000U per day.”

Lots of vitamin D info here too ^

Sorry to bombard you but this one sentence just about says it all really:

“Humans make thousands of units of vitamin D within minutes of whole body exposure to sunlight. From what we know of nature, it is unlikely such a system evolved by chance.”

  • John Cannell MD, Executive Director, Vitamin D Council.

I had my first and long awaited MS nurse appointment today !!! And she was really keen about getting me onto vitamin D3… But the hand out she gave me is so confusing it starts at advising 400IUper day and then says later on it won’t hurt to take up to 1000IU per day. So I see this thread and think… ooh interesting and here it advises 5000IU per day. Did read later on in the hand out that there are current trials going for high dose vitD3 up to 40’000IU…I’ll give that one a miss ; ) So I’ve been onto Amazon and I’m going to try chewable mint vitD3 5000IU!!!

thanks guys, gosh there is so much conflicting information around! well im gonna obviously take these drops for the 4 months and get in the sun loads and see what happens. i guess i could get a higher dose without telling my doc, but i dunno…i think if my next blood test comes back that levels haven’t risen that much she will have to say i can have a higher dose. had my first one this morning, but was annoyed at the box having the “shake well before use” instruction in red at the END of the instructions! i was so focused on getting exactly 10 drops right! thankfully mum stirred it (cos it said to mix with a drink), so im thinking shaken or stirred,same effect right? i feel fine apart from the weird taste it gave me.

has anyone else had it in drop form? also, i did not know about chewy tablets, i was told to go to boots or holland and barret and all they had were swallow ones,sprays and these drops, but if i have to get a higher dose in nov, chewy ones sound good to go! tho with the drops its good cos i was afraid of trying any kind of pills with my swallowing issues.


Well, 2 days in and i have noticed an obvious increase in energy levels, only tiny but obvious, tho coincidence or not have also had a fair bit of pain, hmm…prob just coincidence, i was hoping it would make the pain go away in time too! was just reading about using sun exposure and supplements, and it says to not take supplements on days when u get proper sun exposure (im guessing proper is full body, sunbathing style), i doubt this will happen given we live in Britain but i have been zooming to the garden to catch every little ray as extra, does anyone else do this? cos the doc. said i had to take the supplements everyday but it seems silly to stay out of the sun as well just in case. i know it says its not toxic until it reaches 40,000 IU, but it also says sunlight creates lots very quickly. maybe im just being silly i dunno, what do you guys think?


There is no danger of overdosing on D3 by doing a big of sunbathing and taking the drops so don’t worry. If there is a miraculous change in the weather, then staying in the sun in shorts anc a tshirt long enough to turn your skin slightly pink is plenty of D3 (but don’t burn!). Kx

There is no danger of overdosing on D3 by doing a big of sunbathing and taking the drops so don’t worry. If there is a miraculous change in the weather, then staying in the sun in shorts anc a tshirt long enough to turn your skin slightly pink is plenty of D3 (but don’t burn!). Kx

Awesome thanks Karen, as you say,what are the chances lol. if it turns back into summer, I’ll just put on the suncream!