Vitamin b12 malabsorption - Please read

Hello everyone,

Posting this as a new thread as I would like to share my story with you all:

Prior to my MS diagnosis I was taking a b12 tablet every single day. These made no difference to my symptoms whatsoever and I just kept steadily declining.

It was only once I started taking liquid b12 (and even more so after b12 injections) that my symptoms started to rapidly recede (blurred vision, brain fog, incontinence, balance, unable to sleep, heat intolerance etc etc).

I suffer from b12 malabsorption, which is why b12 tablets did not help me at all (it turns out that, due to a relatively common genetic abnormality, I am unable to absorb this vital vitamin through my gut).

I just want to share this with all of you, in case this information helps someone. I would have given anything to know about the possibility of b12 malabsorption at the time of my diagnosis :frowning:

A very helpful book:

‘Could it be b12’ by Sally Pacholok

​Very best wishes

I think you’ll find it’s called Pernisious Anaemia. My eldest daughter has to have regular b12 injections. She doesn’t have the necessary enzymes in the gut to absorb the vitamin.

She doesn’t have ms.

Yes, a lot of us with MS don’t have pernicious anaemia, but nevertheless have unexplained poor B12 absorption. I would love to know whether we MSers truly do have an unusually high incidence of this; certainly we are more likely to know if we’ve got it because any on-the-ball GP will check B12 levels as a matter of routine when someone rocks up with unexplained ?CNS trouble (as happened to me and to many of us). I’m on 3-monthly injections.


Hello, Does taking b12 (liquid or injections) make your symptoms disappear? I feel completely normal for the first time in over a decade and i wonder if any of you experience this after taking b12 as well ?

I just would like to add that it is strongly recommended to get tested for b12 deficiency (the methylmalonic acid test) prior to supplementing with b12