Vitamin B12 Malabsorption - Please read

Hello everyone,

I would like to share my story with you all:

Prior to my MS diagnosis I was taking a b12 tablet every single day. These made no difference to my symptoms whatsoever and I just kept steadily declining.

It was only once I started taking liquid b12 (and even more so after b12 injections) that my symptoms started to rapidly recede (blurred vision, brain fog, incontinence, balance, unable to sleep, heat intolerance etc etc).

I suffer from b12 malabsorption, which is why b12 tablets did not help me at all (it turns out that, due to a relatively common genetic abnormality, I am unable to absorb this vital vitamin through my gut).

I just want to share this with all of you, in case this information helps someone. I would have given anything to know about the possibility of b12 malabsorption at the time of my diagnosis :frowning:

A very helpful book:

‘Could it be b12’ by Sally Pacholok

​Very best wishes

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thanks for that. mum had the same issue undetected for 30 years. last year she needed heart valve replacement and that is partly why.

all her kids been checked cos 3 of us have ‘dodgy bellies’ and have been tested for vitb12 levels. all our levels were ok. its not something thats checked in routine bloods-has to be requested. i am the only one with ms.

i have taken the spray for several years but that was down to luck before we fully understood the potential family issues.


That’s so sad Ellie. If I were you, I would try a different brands of liquid b12. A few years ago, I was taking sublingual b12 lozenges which also release the b12 vitamin directly to the blood stream, bypassing the malabsorption problem. None of my symptoms budged, the lozenges did not help me whatever and i kept declining. B12 deficiency issue tends to run in families. I know it sounds dramatic and scary but life is worth it.

Apologies for jumping on your post but it is related to B12

ive been having neurological sensations all over my body and many of the b12 deficiency symptoms yet my levels always come back on the high side and no reason has been given for my symtoms.

Would it be worth trying the liquid b12 to see if my symptoms improve or could I risk over doing it!?

B12 supplements are generally unnecessary if you have a normal healthy diet ie fish, dairy & meat. There is no scientific evidence to support taking vit B12 if levels are normal ie will not help neurological symptoms. If a link does exist it has not been proven. NICE do not recommend B12 injections for treatment of fatigue in MS patients. On saying that, it is very difficult to overdose on B12. Therefore if you want to take these supplements it’s entirely up to you. If your B12 is in the range personally I wouldn’t take any other substance that is not needed. The OP has a condition that needs intervention. I suggest you tell your Dr about your problems & request that the appropriate test is done. That would be my advice to other members should you suspect B12 deficiency. Obviously vegetarians, vegans & those with Celiac & IBS need monitoring & are at risk of deficiency. There is no evidence that B12 will slow progression of MS, the trials have not been extensive enough to prove correlation between the two or whether B12 deficiency causes MS.





sad scary dramatic? not words i would use. liquid would surely go to my tum?

anyway… everyone is unique-my experience affects no-one else and i def am not suggesting vitb12 fixes everything!

get advice from gp dietician homeopath or similar before mucking about with vitamins as most we can get from our ‘normal’ diet.


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The reason I pointed out what the website said was because the OP is trying to endorse treatment for all. I have low blood pressure, the population was told too much salt is bad for you, fact is 29% of women suffer high blood pressure, 11% have low blood pressure & the rest are normal. I would not dream of advising people on my salt intake, which is high & it’s is my need. Hence the need for testing before embarking on any change.

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I’m mystified why the poster is pushing this and bombarding the various forums. It isn’t a blinking cure for Ms and it’s symptoms, is it?!

It’s not Poppy, if that was the case we would all be breaking the doors down for it!!! 1 size doesn’t fit all. It’s not the principle I object to, it’s the potential ill advice being promoted.

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I have not recommended anything, I just recounted MY personal experience, i never said b12 was a cure for anything. I would have given absolutely anything to be aware of the b12 malabsorption issue when my symptoms started. Since it helped me, all i wanted was to share my experience and raise awareness there by. I will not be posting anymore. I wish you all the very best.