Does anyone know if B12 deficiency would effect both sides of the body or could it effect one?


too technical a question for my poor befuddled brain.

however B12 injections used to give me a lift.

Symptoms caused by vitamin b12 deficiency are usually bilateral (same on both sides of the body). If in doubt, you could take liquid b12 - your body should then respond if you are deficient in the vitamin. Good luck! Ps: You also could get tested. Methylmalonic acid test.

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You need to be tested!!! Just because something works for 1 person does not make it universal for all!!! You need to take into account your medication you take, if you have renal impairment, you should never just take anything without being checked by a Dr. There are interactions with certain drugs, they may not necessarily be dangerous to most, but some people may have serious complications. I use cannabis for pain, but I wouldn’t recommend it to just anyone!!! I understand it works for you, but giving out advice to others, unless you are medically trained is dangerous.


On another note, people that have dietary B12 deficiency can usually be treated by a change in diet. I am a Dietitian.

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You are right Tracy i am mot me medicaly trained and can only explain what gave ME my life back. B12 malabsorption problem isn’t solved by any change in diet as the problem is that the vitamin can’t be absorbed via digestive track. Hence the liquid form of b12 or b12 injections. B12 is a water soluble vitamin, one can’t over dose on it.

That’s for your dx, not everyone’s. I said you can’t overdose on it. You have a malabsorption disorder, therefore you need your treatment. I am fully aware of the all the vitamins & how they work, I spent 4 years training. If dx with dietary B12 deficiency with replacement treatment, diet WILL maintain levels. A lot of research done is inconclusive, there hasn’t been enough trials or investigations carried out to confirm either way. You are advising people to follow your course, they need to be assessed for their relevant treatment, not on your say so. A lot of the diagnostic testing does need revising, but that does not warrant someone giving advice out on the basis it works for them.


i still dont understand ms waiting for my medication 3week wait

Hi Tracey

You might find starting a new topic may get you some more answers. You do this by hitting the button marked New Thread, give it a title, then ask what you need to know.

Meanwhile, if you hit the orange button at the top of the page of the forum marked ‘About MS’, you will find there are links to all sorts of topics related to the diagnosis. From types of MS, to the sciencey stuff behind it, and on to treatments and drug therapies.

If you start by having a look at some of these resources then have further questions, just ask, we will try to help.

I do understand, you are going through a frightening and completely unknown time. Being diagnosed, and in particular being told it’s aggressive and needs an aggressive treatment, is particularly scarey.

Hopefully your either been given, or will shortly, the contact details of an MS nurse. A good one is honestly worth his or her weight in gold, and will be very helpful as you come to terms with this horrible disease.