Vitamin B12, ACV, D3 & a good stew


Had a steam of Vicks this morning & making a good hearty stew for dinner.

Took my 4000 Nutrient Reference Value of B12, some Apple Cider Vinegar, Vitamin D3, B complex & having a stand bare foot on my Circulation Booster for an hour before the food fest.

Already had a whole punnet of Blueberries & a Banana for breakfast.

Got to arrange a Doppler on Wednesday, to check my legs circulation.

There’s enough Omega 3 in my kitchen, to last a life time.

Such a positive start to the day, until I received the £100 parking fine. Blue Badges are not liked in public car parks. Hey ho.

That’s another useless excursion to pay out.

Doesn’t make sense Terry…Public Car park? For what reason were you fined? I know private car parks have their own rules and sometimes fines etc are at their discretion.

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Perhaps the parking attendant is colour blind & didn’t see the Blue Badge. I’ve parked there many times. It will get sorted when they open on Monday. Someone obviosly needs a cash bonus. The stew I’ve made, makes a parking ticket, seem unimportant. £100! What a joke. I’ll get a disabled parking space booked outside where I live, while I’m questioning being robbed, yet again! Maybe I should waste some money on a lottery ticket.

Parking fine paid. Apparently the car park is owned by a private company based in Manchester, with an automated phone service & don’t recognize blue badges. Nobody to see, hear or smell. It’s spurned me on to get a disabled parking space designated, outside where I exist. The use of B12 & Beetroot is doing good. I’ll stick to this holistic medication theory. It makes more sense than shovelling in medication, proscribed by someone with a photocopier & race issues. It’s all about funding.

Ouch Terry. Yes, unfortunately private owned car parks fees must be paid. Pockets to be lined, and all that. :frowning:

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The Council owned car parks are all free with a Blue Badge. Even the Royal Stoke Hospital car park is privately owned. 2,000 spaces at £3 an hour. Someones making a tidy profit, for owning a bit of land. 365 days a year x 6 grand a day, is a great annual income. They don’t teach that at school.

Including Honey in my MS diet routine & getting through onions, like they’re going out of fashion. With extra CBD oil & spicing everything up with extra strong chilly. I’m turning into an Alchemist. Especially now I have an evaporation bottle for distilled water. Something will work I’m sure. Garlic Cloves are awesome. Especially when roasted & thrown on some toasted cheese. Hot lemon & lime tea is bitter. Which reminds me I need more! Been watching a load of YouTube videos on old worldly remedies. Enjoy sampling stuff folks. Terry eats Blueberries.

The Doppler Test tomorrow. To find out where & why the circulation in my legs is still struggling. Despite having a circulation booster & eating extremely healthy. I’m drinking so much water, I swish when I walk. Keep active folks & get the blood pumping. Beef & vegetable soup for dinner.

I hope it goes well for you tomorrow with your Doppler test Terry . I must have missed this message I’ve only just read about your parking ticket it’s so unfair. I got one recently , I’d parked on Morrison’s with my carer and went slightly over the time because I needed the toilet and they hadn’t got one so I’d crossed the road to find one only to be sent a fine through the post . I contacted them and explained and offered to send my receipt but they weren’t interested , however when I called Morrison’s they were great and said that I didn’t have to pay and that they would sort it out. I think many of the supermarket car Parks are owned by private companies. I hope that you are still doing okay Terry I love reading about your adventures. Michelle and Frazer xx

It’s more like a nightmare than an adventure Michelle. Got ripped off £420 from Ebay recently too. Get classed as disabled with MS & boom. Life drags us down from all angels. I’m still adiment that eating well & doing exercise with supliments is the way to go. It’s no cure, but it beats shovelling in medication. That journey was horrific & still makes me sick. Pushing yourself & not letting these so called experts dictate. There’s tons of inspiring videos on YouTube. There’s also a load of cobblers too. It’s just a case of filtering out the bullcrap brigade. Take it easy out there. Merry Terry

Aww Terry that’s bad . Did you open a resolution ? I had someone try to steal my details …I’m not sure how but they were buying things under my name , I think it was more irritating than anything because I started receiving things that i hadnt ordered . Ebay were fine i just sent the things back and canceled orders and changed my passwords . Not great though …I was worried that they would steal bank details ect but Lee sorted all that out . I’m glad that you are still staying as fit and healthy as you can Terry Take care Michelle and Frazer xx

Oh that’s dreadful Terry, I hope they can sort it out for you.

Michelle, sorry to sound so stupid, but what do you mean by a ‘resolution’? You can tell I’m not computer savvy!

Pam x

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I opened a resolution, but it went over 30 days & into a new year. All kinds of excuses. The seller ended up getting a ton of negative feedback from others & closed the account. Took the money & run. Thankfully not everyone is so dishonest. That put an end to my Electric Mountain Bike venture. I now have a useless 48 volt 20Ah Lithium battery. That no one can test, because it’s 48 volts & Lithium. Alien technology! Strapping 2x 24 volt truck batteries to my mountain bike, just wouldn’t work. We live & learn. And if it has anything to do with money. You’re going to lose. Health is my main focus now. Get out there, Terry.

Hi Pam , my daughter told me that’s what you do …take it up with eBay rather than mess about with the seller . Ebay makes sure that the seller does the right thing. In other words if the seller is ignoring you or won’t put it right eBay will step in after so many days and make sure you get money back or replacement goods if that’s appropriate. Michelle and Frazer xx

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Greetings to those with MS. A further update to the cocktail of suppliments is Bicarbonate of Soda. One teaspoon in a glass & fill with water. Then drink!. Have a swig of Apple Cider Vinegar after, to enter the burping world championships. It’s very good stuff. I’m definately adding it to the mix. I must admit, I’m becoming addicted to red grapes. They’re very refreshing & full of goodness. Time for a spoonful of honey & a swig of Lemon. Maybe a banana for lunch. Stay healthy folks & keep active. Terry

Steamed Broccoli, steamed new potatoes, diced chicken breast, with my special onion gravy. B12, ACV, D3, Omega 3 & the usual ritual first though. All washed down, with a pint of water. Time to power up the Circulation Booster, for a stint of zapping. Terry is merry.

It sounds lovely Terry

Take it easy out there Michelle & keep cramming them useful ingredients into your body. There’s loads of great videos on YouTube, to help inspire.

Ground Cloves & Flaxseed powder is next of the trial list & soaking my feet in a bowl of Apple Cider Vinegar & Bicarbonate of Sofa. Apparently it helps to rid the body of toxins & help the bodies immune system. Add essential oils if you fancy. I’ve become a massive fan of Steaming foods & using the water to make onion gravy.

Boiled onions & garlic all day in water & using the distilled vapour as an all over body rub in the shower, after mixing it with Bicarbonate of Soda & Apple Cider Vinegar. Watched a few videos on how some people recon MS is linked to the second brain & gut. So the journey of stopping MS continues. In the mean time I am getting plenty of sarcastic jibes on how I’m faking my situation, because my speech & bodily functions are all over the place. I hope to god I find a cure for this disease so I can get away from such idiots. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Ignorance is so useful.