Vit D question

Hi, everyone. After an optic neuritis episode in March (still not 100%) and a funny hypersensitive skin and muscle weakness in hand issue I’ve been referred to neuro for tests. I’ve been reading up about MS etc so was thinking About taking a vit D supplement (1000iu), but would I be better to wait to see a neuro in case he wants to test levels or would it not have that much effect? I just don’t want to mess up any tests that might be needed for a diagnosis? That’s the trouble with waiting, constantly drawn towards google :slight_smile: Liza

Meant to say, I already take a multi-vit, omega 3 and b vitamins normally anyway.

1000iu is the normal rda so it wouldn’t hurt to take it, and won’t change any diagnosis either way.

Brilliant thanks, do you know if they test vitamin levels as standard when looking for MS (it’s an MS specialist I’m seeing)?

I don’t know whether they test it as standard but my levels were low. Rda is actually 400iu and I had to take 1000iu daily for 3 months and then get retested x

I wasn’t tested as part of diagnosis, it was later after that had been done. I currently take 3000iu a day, some here take loads more than that. I think the rda figure varies between here and the US and I think it was changed recently to be higher, but depends a lot on the website you look at.

Lots of us take 5,000 iu a day. Buy them from Healthy Origins on Amazon. You can’t get high dose on NHS.

My neuro recommended same… I’ve been on them for over 3 months and although symptoms are the same, I feel my mood is greatly improved (but might be coincidence).

But get tested every 6 months or year. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to get toxic high levels (and you can get test kit cheap on internet… I think it’s a Birmingham company).

It won’t affect any tests for MS.

Pat x

It’s worth asking the gp or neurologist to test your levels of vitamin d which they should be able to do without a problem. If the levels are low they can prescribe vitamin d3 tablets through the nhs and they will monitor the vitamin d levels every 3-6 months. The neurologist can prescribe high doses - I was prescribed 10,000iu a day which I was on for 6 months and when they tested me my levels had gone too high so was reduced to two 10,000iu tablets a week. I was told by the doctor and neurologist not to self supplement as this can be dangerous and not to buy tablets from anywhere other than holland and Barrett as they are an established business and have regular checks to make sure that their supplements are correct. But in the first instance then I would definitely speak to the gp or neurologist - most neurologists are on board with the vitamin d information now