Visual Fields Tests

Hi to all I went to hosp for Visual fields tests yesterday was refered by my optition i had them done in both eyes and failed both eyes i saw the consutant and he asked me if i have any other probs i said yes blurred and double vision on and off for the past two years n i also have probs with balance and vertigo n my right leg feels like its not their when i walk. Cons is arranging for me to have more eye tests done and also for a C T scan as i cannot have MRI due to Neuromodulation. Is this the start of M.S or what. Dolphin500

Hi Dolphin 500 Firstly you sound like a Bond Agent…Dolphin 500 come in 500 do you hear me? (I get carried away) I gather your NeuroModulation is an implant?as there are meds for this aren’t there…What is your Neuromodulation in connection with? I am undiagnosed but take meds for Parkinsons/restless legs I know Implants are used sometimes re Parkinsons. Nobody can say you will come out with an MS diagnosis and it can be a loooong road to a diagnosis of any kind MS in particular. Neuros follow the McDonald Criteria for diagnosis which info is on the sites home page re-symptoms diagnosis etc also MS Trust Website. If no one has mentioned MS then I wouldn’t get yourself worked up about it :slight_smile: Easier said than done I know :slight_smile: But this forum is a wealth of information and support. So hang around and people will answer you with better info than I. Take Care Mich x

Hi Mich, my neuromodulation is for overactive bladder and bowel i was asking about visual fields tests and just saying about my other symptoms as to put people in picture. Yes my Neuromodulation is an implant n works very well.I am just stating facts as i see them nothing wrong with that i hope. Dolphin500.

I am waiting on a referral for the hospital as the optician found a defect in my field vision in my left eye. To be honest I looked into it and it can be down to a few things, optic neuritis from MS being one of them. I guess with your other symptoms there is a possibility of it being MS related but I would think that is a big leap just yet. Hang in there, wait for your CT scan and see what they find. Have they suggested MS, is a lumbar puncture going to be one of the test. They don’t like to diagnose MS without being certain and being unable to have an MRI will make it diffcult but not impossible.

Hi haziebabe Thankyou for your post it is easier to understand how you have put it makes more sense to me i will wait n see what they say after scan let us know how you get on 2 then can chat when find out results. I have a funny feeling i already know what my result will be for some reason. Dolphin500

Will do Dolphin, fingers crossed for you.


Hi Dolphin, hope you dint take my answer the wrong way?? Maybe I dont write/explain stuff right? Hey ho x

Hi Dolphin 500 or is that agent Dolphin 500? I was diagnosed 20 odd years ago and have had my MS in all of its forms. Wait for the diagnosis no point in worrying unduly and worry wont cure or solve a thing. I doubt it is but wait and see. WELCOME TO THE BOARD BY THE WAY.

Don aka Hoppity


Mustve upset you then, shan’t bother offering advice as really can’t be arsed!