visiting london

I will be visiting London for 3 days with my family next December from Australia, for one day they will be travelling by train to see my husband’s parent’s grave in Wales. I will not be going with them because it’s just too hard. Any advice about accommodation, hiring an electric wheelchair or what to do about the one day when I’ll need a carer?

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Recommend these guys for chair. They will deliver and collect - which in your situation is essentialgood.

For a carer I have used

However they are based in Glasgow and you may have to pay a carer to travel from there to London. Suggest you google “hiring a carer in London”. Problem arises cuz you aren’t resident and I suppose you will be in a hotel? Altogethertravel have what they call travel companions - they’ll do the care part and accompany you around and about. Might be an option?

Most places like the big wheel and Madame Tussaud’s are very good for getting u to the front of the queue…Westminister abbey as well…